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How Does a Portable Dishwasher Work and Save Your Time

How does a portable dishwasher work


Not everyone has a huge kitchen. But every kitchen should have a dishwasher. They make it easier to get your dishes cleaned. And dishwashers get your dishes cleaner than you. To solve the problem of limited kitchen space, portable dishwashers are a great solution. You may use natural dishwasher detergent for best results.

You can have a freestanding unit or one that sits on the countertop. Either way, you get clean dishes and they are not hard to set up and use. But not everyone knows how to use a portable dishwasher. So we are here to help.

How Does a Portable Dishwasher Work?

Portable dishwashers are easy to set up and simple to use. If you have never had a portable dishwasher before, it makes sense that you may need help getting it going. With our step-by-step guide you can get your dishwasher setup, running, and drained. Washing dishes has never been easier and you don’t even need a lot of space to get the job done right.

Hooking up a Portable Dishwasher

You need to prepare your sink first. This helps avoid problems later on. Turn on the hot water and wait for it to get warm. You want to do this so hot water is coming into the dishwasher as you set it up. It works more efficiently this way. If you have a disposal, make sure it is clear to prevent your sink from overflowing when the dishwasher needs to drain.

Attaching Dishwasher to the Faucet

You want the dishwasher to be close to the sink and to an electrical outlet. Carefully remove the screen filter if your faucet has one. The inlet hose from the dishwasher needs to be connected to the faucet. You may need to buy a faucet adapter if it does not fit securely. Take the second hose and put it in the sink for drainage.

Using a Portable Dishwasher

Load all items like plates, lids, or baking sheets vertically on the lower rack. The top rack will be for bowls, cups, and plastic containers. Utensils will have a place on the bottom rack too.

Once full, pour in your detergent, shut the door, making sure it locks in place, and get the dishwasher going.

Dry your hands before you plug the dishwasher into the electrical socket. Make sure the hot water is on fully. Select the washing cycle and let it run.

Storing a Portable Dishwasher

When the dishes are done and you have put them away, you need to put the dishwasher away. You don’t want to leave it hooked up to the sink. Unplug it from the outlet first, and then disconnect from the faucet. Free-standing dishwashers have wheels so you can wheel it back into storage. If you have Countertop Dishwasher design, simply slide it out of the way to where you typically store it.

Draining a Portable Dishwasher

Portable dishwashers are different when it comes to draining water. It will be going in your sink which is not the same as a traditional dishwasher. Understanding the draining is a part of how a portable dishwasher works, and is something you need to know.

Portable dishwashers drain into the sink as they run through a fitting called a unicouple. It attaches to your faucet spout. There are two hoses that will connect this unicouple to the dishwasher.

The washing and draining functions are controlled by a timer. It activates water valves that are controlled electrically and a circulating pump. After you attached the uncouple fitting, turn on the hot water, and load the dishes, start this timer.

The timer will open a valve allowing water in from the faucet. The valve is then closed and the pump is activated to circulate water inside the dishwasher. After this washing cycle is complete, the timer triggers a valve to open the drain and reverse the pump. Water is expelled through the hose, through the uncouple fitting, and into the sink. This cycle is then repeated with clean water so as to rinse the dishes.


Portable Dishwashers are perfect for apartments and small houses. You may not want to buy a new unit that you have to leave behind when you move. With a portable dishwasher, it moves whenever you do .You know the benefits and now you know how a portable dishwasher works. All that’s left to do is to figure out what you do while your dishes are being cleaned.

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