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Best Knife For Cutting Meat Reviews and Buyer’s Guide 2024

best knife for cutting meat


Are you tired of buying knives that never satisfy your meat cutting needs? This review of the best knife for cutting meat features 10 of the best knives most chefs and cooks have found worth investing. These knives have been rated highly and may prove an excellent choice for you.

Top 10 Best Knife For Cutting Meat Reviews and Features

1. The Dalstrong Shogun Series 7″ Chef Knife Review

Are you tired of buying a knife every time you use it? Some knives are just horrible. However, the Dalstrong shogun 7’’chef’s knife is not only the best knife for cutting meat but also a magnificent piece for your kitchen. According to those who have used it before, it’s a masterpiece that will transform how you do things in your kitchen.

Every time you cook some meal, you need a knife to cut something. Unfortunately, not all knives do a great job. The Dalstrong shogun series 7″ chef knife, never losing its razor-sharp cutting edge, has been praised by many as durable and easy to handle.

This knife is hardened with layers of high carbon steel making it hard and long-lasting. That is why it never loses its sharpness maintained between 8 to 12 degrees. Unlike ordinary knives, the 7″ chef knife does not rust. Not even a single stain can diminish the unrivaled beauty of its blade.

A knife can never be great without a nice handle. The shogun 7″ chef knife handle is made of military-grade fiberglass material that makes it resistant to heat. The end cap ensures a firm grip while cutting through meats and other foods. This is the knife you need as the blade, and the handle never detaches.



Buying guide

When buying a knife, check to see how long it can maintain sharpness, the handle and the material used to make the blade. A great knife such as the shogun 7″ chef knife requires minimal sharpening and has a steel blade to avoid rusting. It should be able to last longer. Surprisingly, despite the great features, this knife comes at a very affordable price.


Q: I am searching for a knife with the primary use for meat, how does this knife do with meats?

Ans: I’ve used it on beef, chicken, and pork without any issues. The knife cuts effortlessly through the meat.

Q: Is this a sharp enough knife to slice a tomato without holding it like others on youtube?

Ans: Funny thing, I was wondering the same thing. Last evening I was making a salad when it came to slicing the tomato. I run the knife just like the YouTube video.

Final words

You may have been having problems getting a good knife in your kitchen. However, if you have not tried the shogun 7″ chef knife, trying this piece may be the end of the search. Most people have found it more than worth the money.

2. Wüsthof Classic 8 Inch Chef’s Knife Review

Are you looking for a single knife that will serve most of your cutting needs? Some knives are only meant for specific purposes. But, when it comes to a multipurpose blade, the WÜSTHOF Classic 8″ Chef’s Knife seems to attract most buyers’ attention. Most people believe it is the best knife for cutting meat with many more benefits.

Considered one of the best knives for any great chef or ordinary cook, this knife is probably the best seller. It is made to serve for years, and its blade cuts effortlessly through meat and other foods.

The steel blade extends 5″ into the handle and holds firmly using three rivets. This makes the knife suitable for all purposes and offers the best grip.

The straight edge of this blade makes it easier to handle several tasks. You can use it to slice, chop, and dice or even mince. It’s effortless to sharpen using a whetstone.



Buying guide

While most people believe this is the best knife for cutting meat, it serves more than that. Due to its straight cutting edge, you can use it for vegetables and other foods. Most people like it due to its ease of handling and the ever sharp blade. And it’s an elegant piece too.


Q: What is the best sharpener for a Wusthof knife?

Ans: The best sharpener is a combination of whetstones.

Q: 8″ knife is blade length alone, not total length including the handle, correct?

Ans: Correct, just the blade.

Final words

If you are looking for a knife that will serve most of your needs, the 8″ Wusthof knife is what most people tend to recommend. It is said to last longer than most knives with minimal sharpening.

3. The Dalstrong Shogun Series 7″ Santoku Knife Review

Another all-purpose knife that most people prefer is the Dalstrong 7″ Santoku knife. It is believed that the blade was engineered to meet the three virtues (Santoku) of cutting, slicing, and dicing. Some people still believe it is the best knife for cutting meat besides several other uses.

Great chefs and home cooks know the value of a great knife. One that is efficient on the job and at least has a long lifespan is ideal. Knives that rust or stain easily are not a choice in your kitchen. However, with the 7″ Santoku cooking is more than fun.

The blade is made of steel hence very hard. This helps maintain the sharp cutting edge and guarantees a lifetime of use. You can cut through most of the foods apart from meat.

This blade is made with sharpness not common in many ordinary knives. You don’t need to sharpen it every time you use it and surprisingly, it doesn’t get blunt from cutting common types of foods.



Buying guide

Several types of knives could serve your kitchen needs. But according to many people, buying the 7″ Dalstrong Santoku knife serves both its price and ultimate worth in the kitchen. This knife brings out ease and precision while adding glamour to your kitchen.


Q: How wide is the knife?

Ans: Ranges from the top of the blade (1 inch) to the base of the blade (just under 2 inches)

Q: Has anyone used this to cut meat ye?

Ans: It’s effortless to slice meat. Love my knives.

Final words

There are great knives out there, but you may have never known there is a master slicer like the 7″ Dalstrong Santoku knife. Once you have this blade, every recipe melts at your fingertips. It’s a great piece believed to live longer than the owners if properly handled.

4. 14″ DALSTRONG Butcher’s Breaking scimitar Knife Review

When people talk of cutting large pieces of meat, the conversation rarely ends without mentioning the 14″ Dalstrong butchers knife. According to most kitchen enthusiasts, this is probably the best knife for cutting meat. It is said to produce smooth and thin slices not easily achievable with ordinary knives.

The length of the 14″ Dalstrong butchers knife makes it handy when cutting through any size of meat. You can even produce strips using this magnificently crafted reaper.

The blade is made of high-quality German still. This makes it very versatile, and the cutting edge remains sharp longer than most butchers’ knives. Most chefs prefer this knife as it is believed to produce even the thinnest slices from large chunks of meat.

The handle is made of wood riveted at three points to the full tang blade. This offers a firm grip, especially when cutting large pieces of meat.



Buying guide

If you have been looking for a long durable knife that you won’t need to sharpen every time, you may need to try out the 14″ Dalstrong butchers knife. You don’t have to be a butcher; this blade works out perfectly in the kitchen for slicing meat thinly and effortlessly. You can use it for slicing and cutting bones in the kitchen.


Q: What is the total length, and what is the blade height?

Ans: Hi, thank you for your interest. The Gladiator Series Butcher’s Breaking Knife is 400mm long.

Q: Is this the knife I would want to cut thin slices of beef on weck, and would I use it on cooked sirloin tip or raw to cut better?

Ans: The Butcher’s Breaking Knife is excellent, both the Gladiator and Shogun series, as I have used both. I purchased them for carving Prime Rib, Ribs, or other larger thicker cuts of beef and pork. Be careful of the curved tip as it likes to “nick” your fingertips. (Know where your fingers are and the knife tip)

Final words

The 14″ Dalstrong butchers knife is believed to be one of the best knives for cutting meat. This blade is made to last through generations slicing and dicing through meats and everything both in the kitchen and the butchery.

5. Shogun Series 12″ Dalstrong slicing and carving knife review

Every hobbyist cook or chef knows that not every knife does an excellent job at slicing and carving meat. With all the various makes and types of knives in the market, finding the best knife for cutting meat can be a challenge. However, according to most people, the 12″ Dalstrong slicing and carving knife is a great asset to have. And it is not just meant for meat, you can obtain perfect slices of fruits and other foods with this unique blade.

When you think of a great knife, the cutting edge, durability and flexibility of use are considered to be determining factors. That is probably why most people have turned to the 12″ inch Dalstrong slicing and carving knife. This blade is a blend of resilience and artistic excellence that produces the finest cuts and slices most ordinary knives can’t manage.

This knife is said to have a blade that never loses the agility of its cutting edge. It’s easy to clean due to its stainless nature and has a moderate weight allowing you to slice effortlessly through any size of meat.

It’s hard to obtain smooth cuts when meat sticks to a knife. According to most people, using this knife ensures perfect uniform slices since the hollow divots on both sides prevent sticking.



Buying guide

If you are looking for a knife to improve your slicing and carving results, you need to look for a long blade, very sharp and of course, one that will not require a replacement soon. The one knife that has been said to incorporate those features is the 12″ Dalstrong slicing and carving knife. It is a highly regarded piece in most homes and hotels.


Q: does this knife have scallops on the side to keep meat from sticking?

Ans: Yes, the Shogun Series 12″ Slicing Carving knife has rock hollow divots that minimize friction and stock on food.

Q: What is the recommended sharpening stone for this knife?

Ans: Somewhere I saw a whetstone was recommended for best results. I bought their sharpening rod but still have not needed to sharpen any of the knives. They have really retained their edge. They are sharp enough that they actually shave bone without you realizing it. My only wish is that the blade was narrower. I think it’s 1.25″ and would have liked 3/4″. I’m hoping one day to see kitchen shears made by Dalstrong.

Final words

If you think of a great knife, you need to know why you actually want it. But when it comes to slicing and carving, you don’t need to think much. If you can manage the 12″ Dalstrong slicing and carving knife, you may find out you got more than you had imagined. If others have found it worth the price, it’s most likely you will love it too.

6. Dalstrong – Shogun Series 9″ Meat Cleaver Knife review

Are you used to cutting large chunks of bony meat into smaller pieces? If so, you must be aware of the need for a robust and stout blade. It would be best if you had a knife that doesn’t become blunt quickly and can serve you for long without the need for daily sharpening. Based on previous users’ comments, the Dalstrong shogun series 9″ meat cleaver is a tool up for the best job. It is unlikely you will miss this knife in most kitchens and restaurants today.

When it comes to chopping meat, the 9″ Dalstrong meat cleaver has a special place. There are some things you can’t achieve satisfactorily without a blade like this one. It is the kind of stuff engineered for excellence and has been praised for super cut strokes and long lifespan of relentless service.

This knife is made of high carbon steel, which is very hard, making it hard to dull the extremely sharp cutting edge. This is very useful when cutting bones as the knife has just the weight necessary for effortless chopping.

The blade has a stunningly beautiful handle that is slightly curved for easy handling and maneuverability. The handle resists heat and moisture, making it ideal for cutting fresh meat.



Buying guide

Sometimes when you are looking for a knife, don’t just consider the technical aspects alone. There are knives made to last an eternity giving years of outstanding service while giving your kitchen or restaurant a piece worth looking at. Many chefs know this blade as one of the best knives for cutting meats, mainly because it is easy to handle, never getting stained or rusty.


Q: Is it full tang?

Ans: Not a full tang like a samurai sword but it’s a high cutting blade cut through a bone I use to use a kitchen hammer on a knife now I rock it with a little elbow grease to cut the bone I love it I use it when cutting ribs in the tough bone areas.

Q: What’s the best way to sharpen this knife?

Ans: Thank you for your question. In terms of sharpening, whetstones are the best way, although they require a little skill, scary sharp edges are easily attainable. We would advise 1000 grit and 6000 grit, although you can also go even finer. Soak the 6000 grit side in water for less time than the 1000 grit.

Final words

If you value durability as an added advantage to an ever sharp meat cleaver, this blade is arguably one of the best. And it is sold at an affordable price given the efficiency and flexibility of use.

7. Dalstrong – Shogun Series 10″ Slicer review

Most people consider the 10″ Dalstrong shogun series slicer as a limitless cutting tool. Its long curved blade produces some of the best slices and cuts of meats, vegetables, and other foods. If you are looking for the one knife that will help in all meat cut designs, this piece could be the best you can obtain in the market.

Obtaining uniform slices and cuts of any particular food requires a long sharp knife. However, most knives may have these features and yet fail to live up to expectations. However, the 10″ Dalstrong slicer is unique with most chefs and home cooks showing a higher preference for it than ordinary slicing knives.

The long blade is curved and very sharp. Since it’s made of several layers of steel, this knife easily cuts through flesh with single strokes producing uniform slices. The blade is rust free and very easy to clean.

Since it’s made of steel, this blade is believed to last longer than most slicers in the same class. While most knives lose their edge with time, the Dalstrong has outstanding retention; a feature most buyers consider very importantly.

Buying guide

If you have been searching for the best knife for cutting meat, this one might prove very useful as it will serve a wide range of appliances. It’s not just an excellent meat slicer but also comes in handy when slicing other foods to perfect uniformity.




Q: Could you use this for carving cooked meats?

Ans: You absolutely can. It slices very nicely and glides right through steaks, pork, and poultry, whatever. It’s my go-to for smoked brisket, and I find myself using it more than my actual carving knife, which can be too long at times. I’ve even had guests comment more on the knife than on my perfectly smoked brisket I’d spent.

Q: Would this be a perfect knife for someone who is a meat cutter and works for 40 plus hours a week?

Ans: As long as you’re ok with sharpening it (on a stone) probably every other week. I fabricate meat and fish for about 15-20 hours a week for my job and have had to sharpen it after only having had it for about six weeks. There’s also a “break in” period for the handle. The material is very slick for the first couple of weeks.

Final words

A knife is not just a knife if it can’t serve most of your needs. It has been noted that Dalstrong knives have qualities most other knives don’t. As such, more people are replacing their cutlery with these unique pieces, and this blade is no exception.

8. 8-inch Kuma Professional Damascus Steel Chef Knife review

If you are looking for a hard multi purpose chef’s knife, you will likely find so many brands in stock. However, experienced chefs and hobbyist cooks will tell you that the 8″ Kuma Damascus chef knife is a tool to reckon with. According to most people, having this knife in your kitchen is like having a set of knives altogether. Nothing seems to limit the potential of this knife for most of your cutting needs.

A chef knife is considered one of the most essential in food preparation. Some people think of this piece as the best knife for cutting meat. The blade is made with utmost masterly to meet all your needs for the longest time you have ever used a knife.

The layers of steel guarantee you a lifetime of dedicated service. Due to extra hardness, this blade is said to have the best edge retention. It is easy to clean as steel doesn’t stain or rust.

Due to the varied uses of a chef’s knife, the 8″ Kuma Damascus chef is praised for its superb handle. The bolster is reduced to offer maximum comfort even when applying force on some foods.

Buying guide

The 8″ Kuma Damascus chef knife has been made to offer comfort, elegance, and ease of use in every recipe preparation. If you want a knife to ensure the most excellent slices and chops of meat, fruits, and vegetables, this knife has some of the best ratings from previous buyers. Plus, it is an affordable piece for the best quality.




Q: Is this knife real Damascus steel, or is it laser/etched? Is it also solid vg10, or is it vg10 core?

Ans: Thanks for your question. This knife is real Damascus steel, VG10 core

Q: Do the pins in the handle go through the tang or are just ornamental?

Ans: Thanks for your question. They go all the way through

Final words

There are several types of knives. But the chef knife has so many uses you will most likely find it in the hands of a chef or any cook. For that reason, choosing an excellent chef knife like the 8″ Kuma chef knife is a treasure most people find worth having.

9. 8″ Dalstrong Shogun Series Chef’s Knife Review

Are you a chef or a cook with a preference for knives professionally crafted to offer lifelong service and elegance? If you have never laid your hands on the Dalstrong 8″ hybrid chef knife, you might be missing a lot. The crixus is a product of the state of the art cutting edge technology, ensuring every cut is as intended.

When you think of cutting meat, no blade is believed to do a better job than the 8″ Dalstrong shogun series hybrid chef knife. It has some of the best features any great blade could ever have.

The blade of the crixus is made of layers of steel, making it hard and able to retain sharpness and cutting edge for a long time. The blade is heavier to ensure you cut through any meat and curved at the end for cleaving.

Dalstrong blades are believed to have some of the best handles. This blade has a beautiful handle that offers a firm grip while cutting. It is resistant to heat and moisture and never detaches from the full tang blade.

Buying guide

When looking for a great knife, flexibility, and value for money are essential factors. And if there is one chef knife that can guarantee you both, this blade is undoubtedly one. It will last longer than most chef knives without ever rusting.




Q: What are the dimensions of the blade itself?

Ans: From heel to tip, it’s 8.1875″ long, and from the spine, to blade it’s 2.25″ at its tallest and tapers to 1.75″ at the heel.

Q: Is the copper in the handle exposed and could potentially leach toxins exposed to acidic foods or liquid?

Ans: Thank you for your question. The handle is made of G10 Garolite. The mosaic rivets are made of copper, but they are sealed in place with a resin that fills in the tiny holes and gives a smooth feel to it, so you don’t need to worry about it getting into your food.

Final words

Chefs and cooks around the world highly regard the 8″ Dalstrong shogun series hybrid. If you want a knife that will guarantee you a lifelong of excellent service, then buying this knife could be the best choice you ever made when purchasing a chef’s knife.

10. Dalstrong Carving Knife & Fork Set – Shogun Series – Damascus 9″ review

A carving knife is not just any knife. An excellent long and durable blade like the 9″ Dalstrong carving knife is believed to produce the best cuts by most chefs. And you don’t just get the knife when you buy this blade, and there is a fork as well. Find what most people have rated the best, and this knife is one of them.

The essence of a great knife is to deliver unlimited service without any signs of deterioration. Unfortunately, some carving knives are made of poor quality material hence require regular sharpening, which reduces their lifespan. But when you think of this knife, durability and comfort are key features valued by most people.

This carving knife has a hard blade made of steel. It is both durable and has excellent edge retention. And cleaning the rust-free stainless blade is very easy.

This blade is believed to have one of the best handles. It is said to be easy to handle without slipping, and it adds to the overall décor of your kitchen. It is riveted thrice to the full tang blade to ensure longevity and easy maneuverability.

Buying guide

Finding a great carving knife can be tricky with all the brands available. But if you can find Dalstrong’s pieces, you surely are going to get great value for your money. Made to last longer than ordinary knives, this blade has outstanding performance.




Q: What is the handle made of?

Ans: Thank you for the interest and for reaching out! The handles of our Shogun Series knives are crafted with G10 Garolite, fiberglass like material.

Q: Is there a recommended sharpening method or sharpening stone?

Ans: Thank you for your interest. In terms of sharpening, whetstones are the BEST way, although they require a little skill, scary sharp edges are easily attainable. I would advise 1000 grit and 6000 grit, although you can also go even finer. I hope this helps!

Final words

The 9″ Dalstrong carving knife and fork set are one of Dalstrong’s highly durable and efficient products. There is a consensus among chefs and home cooks that the best carving knife is this blade. It is the kind of piece most people would love to have in their kitchen and probably the best knife for cutting meat.

Bottom line

Cutting meat may need more than one kind of knife. Some knives are best suited for particular results than others. However, any one of the above knives has proved their worth according to previous buyers and established chefs. When you choose a knife, check for durability, edge retention and flexibility of use. These knives are a combination of artistic excellence.

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