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What You Need to Consider When Buying New Kitchen Appliances

French door fridges

Whether you’re about to resell your home and looking to increase its value or just want to freshen up the interior and make the space more functional, kitchen renovations or remodels need to be well-planned out.

There are numerous things that you need to check off the list to make sure the remodel comes out exactly how you’d wanted it to. However, we’re not here to talk about layouts and the materials contractors will be using to get the job done; instead we’re talking about the appliances.

From the stovetop to the microwave, you need to choose the right appliances to make sure they fit in the remodeled kitchen. This is a crucial step because they will impact how functional your kitchen is.

Let’s take a look at what you need to consider when doing just that.


So, you have the option to pick a single-door or double door fridge. Each variety has numerous other features to consider when choosing the right fridge for your needs. You need to check the counter depth, the size, and whether they have an Energy Star rating or not.

If you’re renovating a smaller kitchen, a single-door traditional model will be the right fit. However, family homes need something more to fit your needs. This is where French or double-door fridges come into play.

Unlike traditional designs that make it a hassle to store every essential item in them, French door fridges are designed to help you organize better. First of all, they’re centered at chest height, so you’re able to reach everything easily. It will also save you from bending down to access the crisper drawers. Moreover, there are more compartments and better storage capacity that allows you to store much more than what a traditional design would allow.


You have options to choose a gas or electric range for your home. You can also choose a standalone countertop stove and then get a separate oven. Do check the BTUs or gas units to check how efficiently it will work for you. If you cook often or are an amateur cook, professional-grade ovens that give out 20,000 BTUs at the highest will be suitable.

If getting an oven and stove top separately doesn’t make sense, in terms of layout and available kitchen space, then a range is the way to go. You can find ranges at various price points, depending on your budget.

Range Hoods

The hoods above stove tops are called range hoods. These are not just aesthetically pleasing to look at, but they are vital to sustaining your home’s air quality. The sole job of the hood is to ventilate the air and remove grease, vapours, and strong odors that you may experience at times.


If you’ve ever had to wash and dry tens of dishes every single day, you might not realise the blessing a high-quality dishwasher can be – especially for those who live busy lives or have little ones around. Besides making your own life easier, it adds value to your home.

One bit of advice for those looking to maximise on aesthetics – get your dishwasher panelized once it’s installed. This will make it appear like it’s part of the cabinetry.


Last, but not the least, microwaves are a must-have. We’d recommend getting a built-in or hidden microwave to keep up the aesthetics of your kitchen. Medium-sized microwaves are easier to hide in pantries or in shelves and cabinets.

Another important bit of advice; do not put the microwave above the range or the stovetop. This is a fire hazard, calling for a potential accident.

Besides these big-ticket kitchen appliances, there are other – smaller – appliances you need to think about as well. From toasters and sandwich-makers to garbage disposals and water dispensers, each appliance makes a kitchen more convenient to use.

While considering appliances during your kitchen renovation, it’s not necessary you’ll have to change all of them. However, if they’re outdated, it might be a good investment. Stainless steel appliances with modern features that make the homeowner or residents’ life easier will be beneficial when you’re trying to sell or rent out your home.

Parting Words…

In the end, kitchen renovations at any scale are expensive and, hence, need a lot of homework at your end. Look at reviews on the internet, ask family and friends for recommendations, or even your contractor for a few tips. Whether it’s only the fridge you’re changing or every electrical appliance, make sure you take expert advice and consider your options before putting down money.

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