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What Should You Clean in Your House Daily?

what should you clean in your house daily

Daily cleaning routines vary from house to house. We all have different living habits, and we like to keep our homes as clean as possible. If you don’t know what should be cleaned daily, Sugar Land maid service have some suggestions for you. Here is a list of things that you should consider to clean daily:


-The countertops and the stove: It may sound strange, but a kitchen is a place we go to cook our meals, and we don’t want it smelling like old food and overflowing with garbage. Try to clean the counters daily and wipe them down after each time you use them. If your oven or stove has knobs that can be taken off, take them off and clean under them every time you use your oven.

-The sink: You should wash the dishes in your sink every night before you go to bed. If you insist on doing it at another time of day, at least make sure to wipe down the counters around the sink (where all the dirty dishes are) and the sink itself.

-The trash: The most important thing to clean in your house is not your floors or walls, but what you throw away. Before throwing it away, make sure that everything (including its container) can go into the trash bin.

-The refrigerator: Your fridge will need to be cleaned daily and weekly if you want it to stay fabulous and functional. Make sure to wipe down the shelves with a washcloth, and don’t forget about the inside of the door!

-Sweep and mop the floor: Not a lot of people do this, but sweeping and mopping your floor with a solution every day is a great habit to have. It helps remove all the dirt, grease and grime that build up on your floor throughout the day.

-The oven: If you bake anything in your oven, make sure to clean it out before turning it off. If you don’t, your oven will get filled with grease and dirt.

-Daily dishes: Try to wash at least one dish every day before you go to bed. Dishwashers can only hold so many dirty dishes, and if you leave them for days, they’ll start getting full and then it’s just a mess for everyone!


-The sink: We don’t need to tell you to clean this, do we? You should definitely be cleaning your sink every day.

-The shower: If you use your shower daily and if it’s not built-in, make sure to wipe down the outside periodically as well as keep the shower curtain fresh and clean.

-The toilet: It’s essential to keep your toilet clean. If not, the bacteria will grow, and it won’t look very good either. Yes, I know that most people don’t like cleaning toilets but if you want to have a healthy home you need to do this!

-Mop the Floors: You should mop your floors every day. This will help to keep the dirt at bay. It’s very important to do this if you have pets or young children.

-Clean the Mirror: Do not forget about the mirror, and it’s a good idea to wipe down the mirror every day with a washcloth.


-The floor around where your bed is located: It’s gross when you can see all the dust and crumbs that are on your floor under your bed. Make sure to wipe down around where you sleep every night with a washcloth or duster.

-Clothing: You don’t need to wash them or iron them, but you should make sure to organize your clothes every day. At the end of the day, you need to find your favorite pair of pyjamas and take off everything you were wearing during the day. To keep this organized, make sure to put each piece back into place (including putting away all your shoes).

-The sheets: You should clean them (and change them) about once a week if not more often, depending on how many people use the bed, what they do on it, etc.

-The pillows: I’m sure you don’t think about this very often, but the pillows in your home need special attention. It would be best if you clean them at least once every month or so. Make sure to check the labels for washing instructions before doing so.

Dining Room:

-The TV screen: Yes, this is an important one. A lot of people neglect their TV screen and don’t clean it very often. You should wipe down your TV screen after using it with a special cloth for this purpose.

-Table & Chairs: Make sure to wipe down the dining table and chairs every day. This will keep them looking great overall.

Other Key Places of Your House:

-Floors and carpets: You should vacuum your floors or wipe them down with a wet cloth every day. If you only have time to do one of those two things, make sure to vacuum!

-Walls and windows: Even if you don’t notice any stains or anything on the walls, wipe them down now and then. It will make your home feel more clean and tidy.

-Litter boxes & Pet areas: Now that I’ve mentioned pets, let’s not forget about them! If you have any, make sure to sweep or vacuum around their water bowls daily. Also, brush your pets regularly so they won’t shed too much hair in your home. It’s also good for their health!

-Outside: Wash your outside windows; you also should clean all the siding and trim work around your house quite frequently. This will make it look nice from the outside and keep you from having to paint as often. You should also wash down your garage doors once a month.

Final Words

The most important thing: Besides the things mentioned above, you should be doing general cleaning of your home at least once or twice a week. This is the main thing. Keep your home clean and inviting for family, friends, and guests!

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