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What is a Masticating Juicer, and How Does It Work?

what is a masticating juicer

Do you want to extract healthy and nutritious juice for your family? Why not opt for masticating juicers which slice the produce into small pieces and extra juice through cold pressing. So what is a masticating juicer? The masticating juicers are designed to extract a high amount of nutrients by turning the auger slowly, reducing friction thus limiting the heat buildup, which could alter the number of enzymes in the final juice product. The masticated juice is highly nutritious and has a short life; thus can be stored for 48 to 72 hours in a fridge.

What Is A Masticating Juicer?

The masticating juicer is also called the slow masticating juicer and is preferred by health-loving juice enthusiasts. They use a single gear auger that grinds and mashes vegetables and fruits with a slow rotating motion. You will insert the food through the feeding tube, and when you switch on the masticator, the auger bores down on the food items where the rotating blade works to separate the juice from the produce. The separate juice will fall through the sharp fine screen to the filter, which removes excessive pulp. The refined juice will drain out of the masticator into a storage container and be ready for consumption.

Which Ingredients Are Suitable For The Masticating Juicer?

The best masticating juicer can extract juice from about anything, and it will not limit the juice extraction from different farm produce. The juicer will work well for vegetables, fruits, and leafy greens, thus standing out among other juicers and extractors. Its competitors struggle to extract juice from different fruits and leafy green vegetables.

Does It Preserve Vitamins And Nutrients?

Juice extractors should preserve nutrients and vitamins, making the juice healthy and suitable for your health. Fortunately, unlike other competitors in the market, masticating juicers produce healthy and nutritious juices because they retain almost all the nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and enzymes in the product. It achieves this due to its slow rotation, which minimizes the heat produced and effectively removes 30% or more juice from the vegetables and fruits. Food loses nutrients and enzymes when exposed to heat as the enzymes break down at certain temperatures reducing the number of nutritious elements in the food due to the oxidation process.

Juice Yield

Although the masticator juicer is slow, the longer extraction process increases the juice yield and quality. The juice from the masticator does not have foam and is thick and enjoyable to drink. On the other hand, juicers like centrifugal juicers produce juice at a high speed and expose it to high temperatures, reducing its quality as it foams and is less nutritious.

Again the slow process is attributed to the production of maximum juice yield, as the extractor takes time and does not rush through the process. If you want to enjoy high-quality juice with minimal pulp wastage, you can go for masticating juicers.

Are They Noisy?

Compared to other juice extractors, masticators are quite silent due to the slow speed during the juice extraction procedure. Although noise might not seem like an issue for many people, other people can enjoy a quiet extractor. For instance, if you plan on extracting juice without waking other family members, you can go for the masticator.

How Long Does The Juice Last?

The storage method would affect how long the masticated juice lasts. However, unlike centrifugal juice, which lasts a few hours after the extraction, the masticated juice will last for about 36 to 72 hours. You can elongate its longevity by covering it in an air-tight container and storing it in a fridge or a freezer. You can achieve maximum shelf life for masticated juice with proper storage.

Masticating Juicer Tips

You should know tips that can elongate the lifespan of the masticator and help operate the machine effectively.

Final Thoughts

Are you striving to incorporate healthy vegetables and fruits into your diet? Cooked vegetables might not be an option if you don’t enjoy spending time in the kitchen. You can opt for a masticator juicer which extracts the juice slowly from the produce. The extractor is slow and does not produce substantial heat, which could compromise the quality of the juice; thus, you would get a smooth, thick, and nutritious juice. Moreover, it does not produce any noise and could be best for early risers who want to enjoy their juice without waking other family members.

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