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What are the Differences Between a Restaurant Kitchen Table and a Home Kitchen Table?

differences between a restaurant kitchen table and a home kitchen tableThe kitchen table is an essential piece of furniture for any type of kitchen, whether it is for a restaurant or for a home. However, there are specific kitchen tables that are more suitable for commercial use rather than home use.

The kitchen table for restaurants would often be different from the tables used in home kitchens, and their differences are often not seen at first glance but would be apparent once you use them. To know more, here are the differences between a home kitchen table and a restaurant kitchen table.


In terms of design, the restaurant kitchen table is usually larger in size compared to the home kitchen table, but the size isn’t the only difference between the two. When you look at the components of restaurant tables and see their design in detail, you will already know that they are heavy-duty since their screws, edges, and sections are reinforced by extra sheets of strong material, which is usually made of metal. So, it is already expected that restaurant kitchen tables are made with better quality materials that are sturdy and durable.

For home kitchen tables, most households don’t really need a heavy-duty kitchen table, so a lot of brands offer tables that are not as high-quality but are actually better in terms of appearance. Restaurant kitchen tables don’t really need flair since the only ones that can see the tables are the employees, but for home kitchen tables, they would need to match well with other pieces of furniture in the kitchen since guests or visitors can often see the area.

But, even if kitchen home tables look better, they aren’t really as durable since some of their parts are made from low-quality materials. One of the reasons why home kitchen tables aren’t as high-quality as kitchen tables for restaurants is because the companies that make them wanted them to be more affordable so that many homeowners could buy them. So, by using lower-quality materials, they can keep the production costs down and sell the tables for an affordable price.


As we mentioned previously, restaurant kitchen tables would often be made from better materials that are highly resistant to wear and tear. In addition, these tables would also be resistant to water-based damage, which includes rusting. The resistance of these kitchen tables is made possible through a powder-coat finish that is thick and strong enough to resist the harmful elements found in the air and the water. So, you will be sure that the restaurant kitchen table will last for years, especially if it is constructed by a renowned company.

Home kitchen tables don’t usually have a powder-coat finish and other resistance-focused features that you would find in restaurant kitchen tables, as these features are usually quite expensive when applied to furniture. However, there are some kitchen tables that are made from high-quality materials, although they can be quite pricey in the market. If you have the budget, you can get these high-quality home kitchen tables so that they would last longer and you won’t have to replace them after a few years.

Strength and Weight Capacity

Because restaurants would usually have piles of food products ready for cooking or serving, the kitchen table should be strong enough to accommodate these piles. The strength of restaurant kitchen tables doesn’t only rely on the materials used to make them but also on their construction, as their joints, edges, and connection should be sturdy enough to withstand tons of food products placed on top of them. A lot of restaurant kitchen tables are made of thick sheets of metal, which is suitable for holding heavy pieces of kitchen equipment and many kilograms of food products.

As for home kitchen tables, they don’t have the same capacity and strength as restaurant kitchen tables, but they are still strong enough to handle small kitchen appliances and even a small stove. Of course, the strength of home kitchen tables relies on their materials and construction too, and there are some tables that are not constructed properly or correctly. To avoid buying faulty kitchen tables, you should read or watch reviews of various popular models of home kitchen tables in the market so that you will see which ones are the best, according to many buyers.


In terms of quality, there is no denying that restaurant kitchen tables are better since they are made with better materials and would usually have better construction. In addition, many of the popular kitchen tables for restaurants today are placed in rigorous tests to gauge their durability, strength, and longevity. So, if you are currently looking for the best kitchen tables that you can use in your restaurant, you can check the ones that have stickers or labels from various third-party testing agencies and companies.

Several tests are often done for home kitchen tables, too, although the tests are not as rigorous as the ones performed on restaurant kitchen tables. So, labels or stickers on home kitchen tables aren’t particularly reliable if you want to know if it is durable and strong enough for your kitchen.

As we have said earlier, the best way for you to know if a kitchen table is great is through reviews, which are usually written or created by honest reviewers online. Don’t settle for a cheap home kitchen table that is made from very low-quality materials; instead, you should already invest in a kitchen table that will last for many years since it doesn’t need a lot of maintenance, and you won’t need to replace it anytime soon.

Those are some of the major differences that we can provide you when it comes to home kitchen tables and restaurant kitchen tables. If you are going to run a food business, investing in a reliable restaurant table will be worth it since it is durable and sturdy enough to withstand a very busy kitchen. For homeowners, you will need to match the table you will be buying to the furniture and design of your kitchen while also making sure that the table has longevity.

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