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The Ultimate End of Tenancy Cleaning Checklist: Room by Room Guide

the ultimate end of tenancy cleaning checklistMoving out is a lot of stress and if you really want to impress your landlord with the cleaning, it’s wise to go for a cleaning checklist. This is the best way to ensure that every nook and cranny is left spotless before the final inspection.

Keep in mind that this step may be the difference between you getting your deposit back and walking away empty-handed. That’s why you should take it seriously. Down below, we offer a cleaning checklist that can be your guide to getting the desired results. There is a lot to tick off the list, so let’s get started.

Key Takeaways

General Rules for All Areas in the Property

Giving a property a good clean does take time but if you are prepared and cognizant of what you are doing, it will be over before you know it. Do obtain all the cleaning products and tools you need so as not to waste time looking for them in the middle of the cleaning process. Use white towels and cleaning rugs to avoid staining any fabrics or surfaces.

Remember to test your cleaning products on the surfaces you want to clean well ahead of time to make sure they will not do any harm. Now, when cleaning surfaces, use the S-pattern where you start at the top and zigzag your way down. Using the proper technique will save you time and effort.

Before you start scrubbing the tiles and other surfaces, let the product sit for 15-20 minutes so it can work its magic. This way the amount of elbow grease required for the job will be significantly smaller.

As far as your appliances are concerned, do not use any abrasive products or tools to clean any part of them. This might scratch the surface or even cause damage. Always read the manufacturer’s instructions on how to clean the units properly so they can continue to work as intended.

This advice applies to the carpets and rugs as well. They have delicate fibres; hence you should pick the cleaning agents carefully. If you can afford it, call a carpet cleaning agency to help you deal with the bigger and heavier items.

If you feel like it’s a lot of work, divide the job into sessions and do it over the next couple of days. Do not leave anything to the last minute. You want to spend a good amount of time on every task so that the end result is satisfactory both for you and your landlord.



Bathroom and Toilet:

Living Room and Common Areas:

Entrance Hall, Hallway & Stairs:

In conclusion, end of tenancy cleaning is a detailed process that requires a checklist to ensure that every area in the property is left spotless. It’s crucial to use the right cleaning tools and products to avoid damaging any surfaces, appliances, or fabrics. You can also divide the cleaning job into sessions if it feels overwhelming. And if you’re looking for a reliable and affordable cleaning company in London, consider Skycleaners, located at 83 Drapers Rd, London E15 2AZ, United Kingdom, and can be reached at +44 7879 101049.


Q1: What is included in an end of tenancy clean?

Since the purpose of end of tenancy cleaning is to restore the original condition of the property, hygiene-wise, the process involves cleaning everything from top to bottom. This includes appliances, furniture, carpets and rugs, windows (internally) and curtains, walls, floors, etc. The place had better be free from dust, cobwebs, limescale, mold, stains, soap scum, and mildew.

Q2: How long should an end of tenancy clean take?

There is no set amount of time you can do that will ensure your property is in pristine condition. Depending on the size of the premises, you may spend anywhere between two and four hours cleaning and still not get the job done right. That’s why you want to start ahead of time and focus on carrying out the task in the best way you can.

Q3: Do landlords have to deep clean between tenants?

Well, somebody has to. Whether it’s the landlord or the tenant, the property should be cleaned in between tenancies. It is the landlord’s responsibility to inspect the premises at the end of one’s tenancy and provide any repairs as needed.

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