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The Best Smart Kitchen Features for 21st Century Chefs

the best smart kitchen featuresSmart technology is everywhere, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that it has made its way into our kitchens.  Smart home appliances for the kitchen bring enhanced features such as Wi-Fi connectivity, voice controls, and smartphone controls.  Others provide energy efficient technology and high-tech sensors for the optimal cooking experience.  Smart kitchen appliances will be a valuable addition to any home.

Smart Refrigerators

A standard smart refrigerator will feature remote monitoring as well as temperature and brightness control.  Some smart refrigerators offer notifications as well so that you will always know when a door has been left open.  Smart refrigerators also offer the option of a touchscreen feature.  From your refrigerator door you can order groceries, play music, or even check your calendar.  Even more high-end smart refrigerators have an InstaView door which allows you to view what is inside your refrigerator without opening the door.  If all of these features aren’t enough, you can further your smart refrigerator experience with a unit that connects with Google Assistant or Amazon Alex so that you can control your refrigerator via voice commands.

Smart Dishwasher

After you have whipped up a tasty meal you’ll need to clean your dishes.  A smart dishwasher will do everything to make clean up easier except load the dishes.  Smart dishwashers are more efficient than regular dishwasher and tackle common issues like stuck on food particles, adjustable racks, and enhanced drying ability.  Smart dishwashers also have sensors that can detect the amount of food on dishes as well as the size of the load to adjust water and energy use to fit your ever changing dish needs.  With just the upgrades in cleaning efficiency smart dishwashers make life easier.  In addition, high-efficiency dishwashesr can connect to Wi-Fi so that you can use your smartphone to start wash cycles and receive alerts when your dishes are done.  Just like smart refrigerators, your smart dishwasher can connect to Amazon’s Alex and Google Assist so that even if you aren’t in the kitchen you can start a wash cycle, lock or unlock the dishwasher door, and enable special features with your voice.

Motion Activated Faucet

When your hands are covered in sticky sauce the last thing you want to do is transfer the mess to your kitchen faucet handles.  Now, with smart faucets, you don’t have to worry about the mess.  Just run your hand under the faucet and you’ve got a steady stream of water.  The motion activated faucet is also great for children who may have trouble reaching the faucet handles.  In addition to a quick swipe under the faucet, you can connect most smart faucets to the Wi-Fi and your smartphone to make it voice activated.  Other smart faucets are not only motion and voice activated, they are also equipped with the technology to dispense the perfect amount of water at your desired temperature.  Not only are smart faucets more hygienic and provide convenience with automated measurements and voice activated technology, they also help keep your water bill low with automatic shut-offs, low-flow rates and leak prevention.

Smart Range Hood

You’re cooking an egg and cheese tortilla on your stovetop when you are suddenly distracted by one of the million things going on in your home on a busy morning.  The next thing you know your entire kitchen is filled with smoke and every inch of your house smells like burnt egg and cheese.  What do you do to rid your house of the smell?  Switch on your range hood of course.  While the bulky stove top range may not get much attention, it is a very beneficial feature of every kitchen.  The range hood does everything from remove cooking odors to filter otr indoor air pollution caused by cooking at high temperatures.  One of the best features of a smart range hood is the heat sensor which automatically turns on the fan at a specific temperature.  In addition to heat sensors, smart range hoods have sensors that turn on the fan when too much grease or steam is detected.  The hood will automatically turn off or slow down when the levels return to normal.  In addition to ventilation features, smart range hoods often have built in smart technology that allows for voice activation.  Others go a step further and come equipped with microphones and speakers so that you can view audio-visual material while you are cooking and even video chat.

Smart Coffee Maker

No morning is complete without a steaming hot cup of freshly brewed coffee.  Smart coffee makers make it easier than ever to get your morning brew on.  In addition to perfectly brewing whatever type of coffee, espresso, or coffee recipe your heart desires, they are also smart phone or voice activated.  This means you can control the timing of your morning cup of coffee with your smartphone, ensuring that it is ready for you the moment you wake up.

Smart technology has found its way into nearly every aspect of our lives.  Its addition to the kitchen will no doubt make cooking a more efficient and enjoyable experience.

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