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The Basic Kitchen Electrical Appliances You Must Have

kitchen electrical appliances

The appliances that you have in your kitchen will determine the experience you will have preparing your meals. If you have all the basic kitchen electrical appliances, then you will have a great cooking experience because you will save a lot of time and effort when preparing your meals. In this article, we will discuss the basic electrical kitchen appliances you must have in your kitchen.

1. Juicer

One of the most important electrical appliances you need to have in your kitchen is the juicer. This tool will help you to extract juice from fruits, leafy green, herbs, and other types of vegetables in a process known as juicing. Some types of juicers also function as food processors. A juicer will not only make your work easy in the kitchen but will also help you stay healthy by ensuring that you prepare healthy and nutritious juice for your family. There are different types of juicers on the market including citrus juicers, titrating juicers, and cold press juicers. Ensure that you purchase the right type of juicer that will meet your juicing needs.

2. A Mixer

Another crucial electric appliance that you must have in your kitchen is the mixer. Stirring bread dough or cake batter by hand is not an easy task. The best mixer will make it easy for you to mix bread dough as well as combining other ingredients such as wet and dry ingredients like eggs and flour. Some mixers even come with a dough hook attachment for kneading.

3. Electric Kettle

An electric kettle will make the work of preparing hot water for cooking or preparing coffee or tea easy. An electric kettle can also be used to prepare soup, pasta and boil small quantities of water for various purposes. Unlike boiling water using a pot, an electric kettle is more efficient and boils water faster. They are also equipped with excellent safety features that protect you from harming yourself. For instance, when water reaches boiling point, the kettle will automatically turn off.

4. Microwave

A microwave will make the process of warming food and water in your kitchen easy and stress-free. Microwave waves are much quicker and more energy-efficient than conventional ovens. Additionally, they are also easy to operate and super durable. If well taken care of a microwave can last for more than 10 years with a majority of them having a lifespan of more than 5 years. They are also compact and portable. They are a great alternative to best microwave  for those who are on a tight budget.

5. Air Fryer

Air fryers are quickly replacing convection ovens because they cook faster with no oil or minimum oil but the food will still taste delicious. Additionally, they are also compact, portable with no complicated button to press as is the case with the oven. They are also equipped with excellent safety features including auto shut down which reduces the risk of overcooking and burnt food and slip feet that reduce the risk of machine sliding on your counter when being used. Air fryers are incredibly versatile and can be used to prepare many types of food including fish, chicken fish, vegetables among many others. If you want to prepare your meals quickly and healthily, then you need to have an air fryer.

6. Food Processor

A food processor is a crucial device to have in your house. It will significantly reduce the amount of time you use to chop vegetables. A majority of them are equipped with a variety of blades, meaning you can choose a blade that works best when processing different types of your food. Besides chopping, a food processor will also help in tasks like blending, grinding, whisking, slicing, and pureeing. Having a food processor in your kitchen is like having an extra hand. It is also compact and portable, meaning you can use it in various places in your house.

7. Blender

A blender is a crucial device for people who usually mix juice, sauces, and soup frequently. Most people confuse blenders with food processors. Although they both perform some similar functions, the main benefit of having a blender is that it allows you to blend two or more ingredients at the same time. A blender’s motor is less powerful compared to that of a food processor. Its blades are also less sharp, a feature that allows you to blend two or more ingredients with ease. They are an incredibly versatile kitchen tool that can mix everything, from frozen fruits to big ice cubes. When purchasing a blender consider buying one that is simple to use, energy-efficient, and easy to clean.

8. Dishwasher

If you don’t enjoy watching dishes, then a dishwasher will come in handy. This device will make the process of cleaning your dishes, vessels, container pots among many other utensils easy and stress-free. This device will not only wash your dishes quickly but will also leave them sparkling clean. Buying the best dishwasher  will make the process of cleaning dishes in your kitchen simple.

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