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Spring Water Vs. Purified Water | Which is Better for You?

spring water vs. purified water

Water purity and security are growing and highlighted concerns for all households across the globe. With the recent catastrophes in the news regarding water, people are starting to wonder whether the water they’re drinking is safe or not.

Recently, people have transitioned from tap water to bottled water. However, not all water supplied in the bottles is the same.

We are quite familiar with the terms, purified water, filtered water, and spring water. But what are the differences? While the water distinctions go unnoticed by many, health-conscious people are always on the lookout to drink the best water available.

Purified Bottled Water vs. Spring Water

Are you looking to install an office water dispenser at your workplace? Will you be using purified bottled water or spring water in it?

Learn more about the purified bottled water and spring water below.

Most of the drinking water in the US is classified as purified water. Fortunately, it isn’t a marketing ploy to sell fresher, cleaner, and safer water. Companies are not allowed by law to label their bottles as purified water until and unless the impurity level is lesser than 10 parts per million.

This is proof that purified water is often treated with a lot of chemicals in the filtration and treatment systems to remove substances and particles that might compromise the safety of the water.

On the other hand, we see many bottles labeled as spring water. Some common names to sell spring water are artesian water, underground water, or well water. According to EPA, water that is originated from an underground aquifer is known as spring water.

Why is Spring Water Better Than Purified Water?

Spring water is naturally filtered through the rocks on the mountain. The natural filtration system gives a good taste to the spring water as compared to purified water.

Spring water preserves the mineral content and the microbes are removed from the water using a treatment method.

The real appeal of spring water is that it undergoes little to no intensive treatment and comes from a natural source. This means that the man-made chemicals are low and the natural mineral content of the water is retained throughout the treatment process.

According to research, spring water has high natural compounds and ppm levels, which can be extensively beneficial for your health.

Benefits of Spring Water

Benefits of Switching From Bottled Spring Water to Spring Water Coolers

Now that we have a list of benefits to switch from purified water to spring water, let’s discuss the benefits of switching from bottled spring water to spring water coolers at home and your workplace:

A Spring Water Cooler is Environmental-Friendly

One way to stay hydrated at home and the workplace is to install a spring water cooler and yield the benefits of natural nutrients and minerals. Spring water coolers are a great investment and have shown significant improvement in the environment.

The first benefit of a spring water cooler is that it reduces the need to decompose disposable water bottles. As a matter of fact, 36 plastic water bottles can be replaced by a single 18L spring water cooler and that too, in a single filling.

If one wishes to refill the spring water cooler with a reusable plastic bottle, it could reduce land pollution significantly.

There is no better way to enjoy the tasty, clean, and crisp spring water and help to save the environment at the same time.

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A Spring Water Cooler is Convenient

Several convenience benefits come with owning a spring water cooler at home or your workplace. The water becomes more accessible to a huge number of employees. Moreover, you can refill your reusable water bottle with a spring water cooler instantly whenever you are at your workplace or going for a jog.

If you have children, it would be much easy to fill up glasses than to drink from capped water bottles. The sprouts of the spring water coolers are not as high as water dispensers or kitchen faucets. Therefore, children can reach them easily and drink whenever they feel thirsty after a good play.

Spring water coolers have temperature control which allows every employee or family member to drink cold or hot water accordingly.

Spring Water Cooler Improves Your Health and Overall Well-Being

Improved health and overall well-being are popular reasons for spring water cooler investment. When water is less likely to come in measured containers and is more accessible, we are most likely to drink it more.

Drinking plenty of water throughout the day rehydrates us and improves our health, immune system, and overall well-being.

Spring water is packed with natural compounds and minerals. Having access to a water cooler would allow you to reap the benefits quicker than bottles. If you want to improve the hydration habits of your family or employees, it is time to switch to spring water coolers from bottles.

Access to Clean and Fresh Spring Water

Unlike kitchen taps, spring water cool gives you access to tasty, clean, and fresh water with little to no additives. Having a spring water cooler feels like bringing a spring right out of a mountain to your home.

Drinking from a water cooler is tastier as well as healthier because the water is free of pollutants and alkaline.

Spring Water Cooler Saves Money

If your employees or your children buy a lot of water bottles to stay hydrated throughout the day, it is best to invest in a spring water cooler. Although it’s not cheap, it is a one-time investment and goes a long way if you want to save money and the environment at the same time. The more you drink from a spring water cooler, the cheaper it gets.

Moreover, there’s no need to spend time heating the water for coffee or tea as the water cooler gives you access to cold, hot, lukewarm, and room temperature water at the same time.


A company using a spring water cooler will wind up spending 80% less than a company with a water bottle delivery service for every employee. Similarly, a family with a water cooler at home is likely to be more healthy and hydrated than the one who relies on bottled water. So, choose your option wisely and switch to the healthy alternative now.

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