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Smallest Pellet Stove Reviews and Buyer’s Guide 2024

smallest pellet stove

If you are short on space and want to keep your house warm, you can go for a small pellet stove. There are some excellent choices out in the market and at affordable prices. The stoves have a small carbon footprint and can be wall-mounted or standalone.

You can also find small pellet stoves with thermostats. They can shut down and re-ignite when the room’s temperatures vary.

However, they also have small hopper capacities and shorter burn times. This means that they cannot compare to the output of bigger pellet stoves. However, they do not necessarily produce very low heat.

Best Smallest Pellet Stove Reviews and Features

1. Castle 12327 Serenity Pellet stove

This small pellet stove has a unique design. It can fit any interior, and it includes most features you will be looking for in a small pellet stove.

The Castle 12327 pellet stove has a 31,960 BTU heat output, with an EPA-certified emission rate of about 1.1 grams per hour.

This small pellet stove has a burn time of 16-18 hours, with smart controls. It is easy to clean since it has no hidden chambers, tubers, or grooves.

The stove dimensions are 18.25″ width, 23.75″ depth, and 34″ height. The stove consumes 400 watts during ignition cycles, with a 78% efficiency rating.



2. Comfortbilt Pellet Stove HP22

At only 24″ by 25″ by 32.5″, the Comfortbilt pellet stove has a heating capacity of 50,000 BTU. It has very high energy efficiency, rated at 84%. This miniature pellet stove combines the goodness of an environmental-friendly stove, convenience, and aesthetics.

The hopper can carry 55 lbs. of pellets. The HP22 stove has a programmable 7-day thermostatic control, with 5 power settings. It also features a 20-hour burn time.

As one of the smallest pellet stoves in the market, it has low emissions levels. In addition, the heavy-gauge exterior on the stove makes it easy to clean.

The stove consumes 520 watts of electrical energy during ignition and 150 watts during continuous operation.



 3. PelPro Pellet Stove PP130-B

When it comes to superior features, PelPro pellet stove wins. It has an efficient design, which can heat up to 2,500 sq. ft. It also has 130 pounds hopper capacity, giving over 90 hours of burn time without refills.

The PelPro stove also has easy-to-use controls with an automatic ignition system. The intuitive dial thermostat ensures you do not need to get up every time you need the stove to run or stop.

At a fuel efficiency of 87.5%, it is among the most-efficient EPA-approved smallest pellet stoves. It also has a compact size, at 22.8″ by 24.5″ by 36.5″.



4. Cleveland Iron Works PS20W-CIW Pellet Stove

If you need heating, but your space is limited, then the Cleveland Ironworks pellet stove is what you need. It is compact at just 20.27″ by 22.04″ by 34.25″ and outputs 25,000 BTU of heat with only 18 lbs. hopper.

It is ideal for heating spaces of around 800 sq. ft. You can operate the stove remotely using the Cleveland Iron Works Smart Stove app. The burn time ranges from 6.8 hours to 16.5 hours in a day.

The Cleveland Iron Works PS20W-CIW is affordable, giving you the best value for your money. It also has a built-in Wi-Fi smart home technology that lets you access its operations remotely. On purchase, you get a digital control panel plus a remote.

The Cleveland Iron Works PS20W-CIW mini-pellet stove has a whisper blower. Also, it has a high energy efficiency of up to 75%.



5. Vogelzang VG5790 Hopper Pellet Stove

The Vogelzang VG5790 Hopper Pellet Stove serves as a wood pellet furnace and a pellet stove. It serves as a secondary heating appliance for your home. You can rely on it to heat up to 2,800 square feet of space in your home.

In addition to a single 200 CFM blower, it has a 120-pound hopper that can keep it running for 80 hours. The Vogelzang VG5790 Hopper Pellet Stove ignites automatically and produces up to 65,000 BTUs.

Its dimensions are in height. It also comes with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty. If you live in an open-plan home, you can heat your whole space without help with a Vogelzang VG5790 Hopper Pellet Stove.

It also has a dark-grey finish that is easy to maintain. In short, it is better looking than other pellet stoves in the market.



6. Cleveland Iron Works PSBF66W-CIW Pellet Stove

If you want a pellet stove that is small enough to fit in but stylish enough to stand out, the Cleveland Iron Works PSBF66W-CIW Pellet Stove is your best choice.

The pellet stove can heat up to 1,800 square feet with a 66-pound hopper capacity. It also features remote controls with longer run-times than competitor pellet stoves.

At just, the Cleveland Iron Works PSBF66W-CIW Pellet Stove runs up to 75% efficiency, at which point it attracts a 26% tax credit.

If you want to link up your devices on smart home technology, the Cleveland Iron Works PSBF66W-CIW Pellet Stove has a built-in Wi-Fi module.

This pellet stove also has top-mounted controls. It also has three large windows on its sleek modern bayfront design for maximum viewing. The easy access areas make maintenance simple, while the design makes it easy to use.



7. Comfortbilt HP50S Pellet Stove

The Comfortbilt HP50S Pellet Stove is one of the most affordable pellet stoves for the initial purchase, electricity consumption, pellet burn rate, and maintenance.

The compact European-designed pellet stove is popular due to its EPA and CSA certification. The HP50S can continuously heat up to 2,200 square feet for 24 hours on the lowest heat setting.

The programmable thermistor makes it easy to use. Therefore, you can maintain a constant temperature in your home without lifting a finger. This automatic thermostat also makes it economical in terms of pellet usage rate.

You can get the Comfortbilt HP50S Pellet Stove in white, grey, and burgundy. The stove outputs a maximum of 42,000 BTU with a 47-pound hopper capacity.

Its dimensions stand at wide,  deep, and high.

Another attractive feature of the Comfortbilt HP50S Pellet Stove is that it only needs maintenance every two weeks. This is because the pellets burn completely, producing little ash.

The ash pan is also a removable feature, making cleaning and maintenance a breeze. The same goes for the easy-to-clean heavy gauge exterior.



8. Cleveland Iron Works PS60W-CIW

The Cleveland Iron Works PS60W-CIW is another impressive pellet stove on the list. It can heat up to 1,200 square feet of space with a 60-pound hopper capacity.

The Cleveland Iron Works PS60W-CIW also has a Wi-Fi module for easier connection if you have a smart home. Most importantly, you also get digital control panels alongside a remote for easier operation.

The blower on the Cleveland Iron Works PS60W-CIW comes in an enclosed casing, which is very quiet. Like many other Cleveland Iron Works pellet stoves, the Cleveland Iron Works PS60W-CIW has easy-to-access service areas making maintenance simple and quick.

This pellet stove also has an EPA approval, which comes with a 26% tax credit when operating at 75% efficiency or higher.

The stove is also easy to start because of the automatic ignition.



9. US Stove 5040 Pellet Stove

One of the features you notice about Ashley Hearth products is the unique design and styles. The Ashely Hearth AP130 Pellet Stove is no different, with a powerful performance to heat up to 2,500 square feet.

The stove, which comes with an automated ignition and user-friendly digital controls, is among the best ones on the list. It has an exhaust blower that helps evacuate smoke spillage in your living space.

The Ashely Hearth AP130 Pellet Stove also has an auto-circulation blower and comes with a fresh air intake kit sold separately. The software-driven control board on this pellet stove is easy to use. It also lets you set the amount of fuel the burn chamber has.

When igniting, the electronic heating element stops automatically when pellets catch fire. It also uses a carbon-neutral green fuel.

This EPA-approved stove is a high-performance heating appliance that can fit different room styles. With a 130-pound hopper, 9-heating settings, and long burn times, the Ashely Hearth AP130 Pellet Stove is surely one of a kind.



10. Ashely Hearth AP130 Pellet Stove

To finish the list is a small pellet stove from the US Stove Company. This pellet stove combines beautiful designs and technology to deliver aesthetics and high performance.

The size of the stove is suitable for condominiums and small homes. It also includes thermostatic controls in its neat and small package. The digital controls have 4 heat settings, with ultra-low burn settings. These settings can keep your stove burning for up to 40 hours.

The US Stove 5040 Pellet Stove has a 45-pound hopper capacity. It also has software-driven controls for precise fuel delivery to the burn chamber.

In addition, the stove provides active combustion of the pellets in the burn pot. This results in very little ash and maximum heat output from the fuel. This is why it is one of the most efficient pellet stoves in the market today.



Buying Guide Factors to Consider When

As you prepare your small space for winter, your method must be affordable and efficient. Since the pellet stoves are among the most efficient, clean methods to heat a home with biomass and compressed pellets, you need to go deeper.

Here are factors to consider when you are purchasing your small pellet stove to heat your home:

Most pellet stoves are electric. They need electrical power for ignition feeding pellets into the firepot. In some models, the fans that oxygenate the fire run with electricity n. You should get an electric stove if you want a pellet stove with a digital thermostat.

If you live in areas without an electrical connection, you can opt for a non-electric pellet stove. These stoves use the forces of gravity to feed pellets into the firepot. However, these models are more likely to block and lack lucrative thermostatic controls.

When choosing the pellet stove you want to use, you should consider the BTU output of the stove. The BTU or British Thermal Output is the indicator of how much heat your stove gives

The stove’s heat output should match the size of the space you want to heat. Under sizing your stove could mean that some room areas are colder than others.

On the other hand, oversizing could result in higher temperatures in your room. This makes it uncomfortable to stay in the room. Alternatively, if you will oversize, you need to include thermostatic control for proper temperature regulation.

Each pellet stove model has a different hopper capacity. This is the maximum number of pellets you can store on the stove at any given time.

Depending on the burn rate of your stove, you might have to refill your hopper regularly. However, a nice stove will have enough capacity to last you the desirable period.

Different pellet stoves will use different qualities of fuel. Some models specify that they can only use premium-grade or higher-quality pellets. Usually, these are more expensive, which means your device’s operation costs become high.

So, as you prepare to get a pellet stove, make sure that it can burn the type and quality of locally available pellets in your area.

Efficiency is the rate of input to output. For a pellet stove, it is the ratio of pellets fed to the firepot to the amount of heat released into the living space.

A high-efficiency pellet stove means you get more heat for fewer pellets. Although pellet stoves are very efficient and are one of the most efficient forms of solid fuel heating appliances, you can select those with higher rated efficiency.

Also, factor in the amount of ash produced and the level of emissions. Also, ensure that the amount you are paying to heat your home is kind to your wallet.

A pellet stove that is hard to clean uses more time during maintenance. Also, pellet stoves need regular, if not daily, cleaning and maintenance. Therefore, you should get yourself a pellet stove that is easy to maintain and clean.

Ensure that the ashtray is easy to remove, especially if you have no special tools. Also, you should be able to remove your burn pot for easier cleaning.

The Smallest Pellet Stove FAQs:

Q: How does a pellet stove work?

Ans: A pellet stove burns compressed pellets to produce heat. Usually, the ignition is an electrical device that produces a spark to ignite pellets in the burn pot. Heated air in the chamber goes into a heat exchanger unit. It is then circulated in your room using a distribution fan.

The burn pot also has a fan that supplies oxygenated air to fuel the fire.

Q: How do you operate a pellet stove?

Ans: You start by feeding the hopper with pellets. The auger then feeds the pellets from the hopper to the burn pot. In the burn pot, the ignition system starts and burns the pellets, after which the ash collects in the ashtray. A conventional blower fan moves the cold air in your room over the heat exchanger to heat it.

On the other hand, the exhaust fan expels unclean air, while the thermostat regulates the indoor temperature.

Q: How efficient are pellet stoves?

Ans: Pellet stoves are generally the most efficient home heating appliances that use solid fuel. These heating devices have high efficiency, ranging from 70-87%, almost similar to most non-stove heating appliances.

Q: How safe are pellet stoves?

Ans: Compared to conventional stoves, the pellet stoves are considerably safer. This fact is because they do not produce smoke.

In addition, because they have higher energy efficiency, they are safer for the environment. However, the surfaces can become hot, presenting risk burns to children and pets who walk close to the stove.

Q: What is the running cost of a pellet stove?

Ans: The running cost of a pellet stove can be as low as $50 per month or as high as $150. This will depend on the electricity consumed, the upkeep, and maintenance. The hours you run your pellet stove also affect your heater’s overall running cost.

Q: How much electricity can a pellet stove use?

Ans: The standard electric pellet stove will consume less power during continuous operation. However, power consumption increases by almost 200% during ignition cycles. For instance, one model could consume 150 watts during normal operation and 520 watts during ignition.

Q: How long does a pellet stove burn?

Ans: This depends on the burn rate of your pellet. So, if it is rated 1.67 lbs./hour, then it will consume 40lbs of fuel for a day’s operation.

Q: How to start a pellet stove?

Ans: When starting a pellet stove manually, make sure it is in the lowest heat setting possible. Wait for some pellets to fall into the burn pot before adding some gel and igniting with a match. You should also wait for some time as the pellets catch fire before adding more pellets.

Final Thoughts

Pellet stoves are the most efficient way to heat your home. They also come in different sizes. So, even if you have a small room, you can find one of the smallest pellet stoves in the market with the specifications you want.

Most of the pellet stoves are available on Amazon, and you can order. Just make sure that you size your pellet stove correctly.

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