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Remodeling A Tiny Kitchen To Increase Space

remodeling a tiny kitchen to increase spaceIs the kitchen making you feel cramped? Are your midnight snacks overflowing from the cupboard? You might just be looking at a chance for a kitchen remodel in Los Angeles. The kitchen is where we spend a lot of time, making breakfast, lunch, dinner, and the most vital part of our days; coffee. It is the heart of our homes. Hence, it is important that the kitchen feels nice and open because nobody wants to wake up and make their way to a congested space. 

Every time another ‘chef’ joins you, you should not keep bumping into each other. When remodeling a small kitchen, the key is maximizing the space available while still creating a functioning and aesthetically pleasing design. Do not compromise on quality, get a kitchen remodel contractor to help you bring your ideas to reality. Here are some tips to help you achieve your goal.

Tall Ceilings For The Win

When dealing with a small kitchen, we need all the space we can get. Get your kitchen remodel contractor to install some extra shelves, and if you are going for the open look, get some shelves and make use of the wall space. Things that don’t come in handy often go in the uppermost cabinet and vice versa. This way, you won’t have appliances and other things cluttered on your counters. 

Go For Light Shades

Light colors reflect more light and create an illusion of space. Consider painting your walls, cabinets, and countertops with light colors like white, cream, or pastel shades. This will make your kitchen feel brighter, bigger, and more open. If you are going for a two-toned kitchen, consider colors that do not overpower each other. If you want to take it up a notch, add some natural materials and warm tones to the kitchen, such as marble or wood. 

Get Smart (Appliances)

The old, out-of-date, chubby appliances take up a lot of space in the kitchen.  In a small kitchen, space is at a premium, so choosing appliances that fit well and don’t take up too much room is important. Consider compact, multi-functional appliances such as a combination microwave and oven, a slimline dishwasher, or a counter-depth refrigerator. You can also consider built-in appliances to save space and make your kitchen look sleek and modern.

Install A Kitchen Island

If you have the space, consider adding a kitchen island. A kitchen island can be used for additional storage, counter space, and seating. The choice of island shape and layout can greatly impact your kitchen. Longer islands look sleek and add a lot of space to the kitchen. You can fit your appliances into the kitchen island to free up more counter space. You can also choose a portable kitchen island on wheels to move around to create more space when needed. Pick a size that compliments the space and leaves enough room for movement. 

Add Lots Of Lighting

Good lighting can make a big difference in a small kitchen. Consider using under-cabinet lighting to illuminate your countertops and create a warm ambiance. You can also install recessed or pendant lights to add more light and create a focal point. Add some big windows to get some of that vitamin d, and as a bonus, you would have a view to marvel at as you work on your cooking skills.

Opt For Open Shelves

Open shelving is a great way to make your kitchen feel more open and airy. It also provides a place to display your dishes, glasses, and cookbooks. You can also use baskets or bins on the shelves to store smaller items. If you want to give your kitchen a more Pinterest look, add some creeping plants that hang off the shelves and branch out to the ones below.

Take Away

Take the time to plan your design, considering the changes you want to make, the layout, and the design you want to implement. Big or small, remodeling a kitchen is challenging.

These tips regarding Kitchen Remodel in Los Angeles can help you transform a tiny, crowded space into the kitchen of your dreams. You do not need to break down your walls in order to have a sleek, clean, modern, and open kitchen.

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