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Is It Practical To Have Your Own Ice Maker?

is it practical to have your own ice maker

How often do people use ice? Do people and firms use ice on a necessity basis, or do they need this on situational cases only?

Questions like those define a person’s decision when it comes to investing in ice makers. These people need to test whether their instances call for the need of a sound investment. As such, the bigger question that people might need to answer is, “Is it worth buying an ice maker?”

Practicality on Business Uses

Many reasons call for ice makers being practical on any business.

Effectiveness and convenience are what ice-making machines can bring to a business. If businesses center on the need for ice, then it’s obvious to purchase an ice maker. Ice machines are special machines with the sole purpose of producing ice for whatever purpose it may hold. Some of the most heavy-duty ice makers can run on a 24-hour basis.

This machine also makes ice-making efficient by not wasting any clean quality water. Users of ice machines can store excessive quantities of ice, leaving zero waste.

Practicality on Home Uses

While it’s crystal clear that buying an ice maker for a business is a practical choice, will it still hold for home uses purposes?

Sanitation and Hygiene

Your refrigerator is not what everyone might’ve initially thought. A fridge’s freezer is a general-purpose freezing machine. This means it’s not only ice that will be freezing in this cold, encapsulated box.

Take note that the fridge stores all the raw meat inside the freezer. Consider the entire cross-contamination of bacteria when people stuff their meat in the same section as ice. Ice from the fridge’s freezer will also taste and smell fishy from all of those interactions with raw meat.

Some refrigerators come with automatic ice makers. While the addition may sound versatile and convenient, it’s still not as sanitary as everyone thinks. Ice bins are open containers inside the fridge. There are many chances for any unwanted particles to accumulate in this type of container.

With an ice machine, sanitation is not the problem with how single-purpose the components are.


Ice makers are also great for at-home purposes because of their sheer effectiveness at their job.

Many homeowners improve their hospitality towards their guests by offering cold drinks. This hospitality can manifest during sponsored house parties where ice can never be enough for the guests.

Ice machines are also great for home bartending. This is because the need for a block of clean ice is crucial in any bartending basics. Avid drinkers won’t get the same result of crisp flavor with fridge ice. With ice makers, however, anyone can get the same professionally-made ice at home.

Cons of Investing Ice Machines at Home

While ice machines prove to be excellent at their purpose, investing in such can still bring some impracticality.

The greatest fault of the machine lies in how single-purpose the design is. Unless homeowners use ice to cool their drinking water frequently, there are only rare occasions that these machines can be useful. It’s not like everyone can often accommodate guests, hold house parties, or even home bartending. Even dishes centering on ice recipes are only rare occurrences in the house.

On top of that, ice makers are bulky gizmos. It’s hard finding a quiet spot in the kitchen with a device that has the size of an espresso machine.

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