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Is A Coffee Machine Worth It?

is a coffee machine worth itSpending a lazy weekend with your favorite tasks but again waking up to a hectic Monday sounds too tedious! That sleepy feeling is hard to eliminate, but a cup of your favorite coffee is all that energizes you. So, which kind of coffee do you prefer: Mocha, Latte, Espresso, Americano, Cappuccino?

Umm, frankly speaking, I do not know about making coffee! if I make a perfectly balanced plain coffee then it’s enough for me. But I don’t get the taste that I love. You may be perfect at making coffee, but how much effort does it require?

Moreover, homemade coffees cannot don’t match the taste of the coffee served at cafes. It’s because a cafe uses a coffee making machine to prepare whose perfection is unmatchable. Even at your office, a corporate workplace, or in any event, you would get the authentic coffee needed as coffee machines are used.

But whenever the thought of using a machine comes into the picture, the cleaning, and maintenance that’s required comes in.

However, despite the fact I prefer using coffee and espresso machines.

Several reasons make me feel buying a coffee machine is worth it! But let’s study if buying a coffee machine is worth it or not.

Factors to Consider if You are Deciding Over Coffee Machines?

We are considering both the things the coffee that you buy at cafes, the one that you prepare without machines versus coffee machines. The following are the factors that you should consider if you are thinking about whether you should buy a coffee machine or not:

Pocket Friendly or Not

When you need the perfect authentic coffee, you typically visit cafes. However, it costs you your time and a pretty good amount of money. You need to spend $4-$5 on a cup of coffee. But the fact is when you visit, you buy a cookie, a cupcake or something like that; so you end up spending a good amount of money. Several factors are involved before considering the price- machine’s cost, coffee’s cost.

Machine’s Cost

If you think of investing in a coffee machine then you would think of your budget. Whether you can afford to buy them or not! We suppose, if you are thinking then you must be having a significant amount for the same.

So, spending on a coffee vending machine depends upon the type of coffee machine you choose. There are several types of machines like pod, capsule, semi-automatic, or automatic machines. The types of coffee machines widely vary in their price upon their type.

Pod or capsule coffee making machines are cheaper so you can choose them if you at below budget. Manual machines are moderate in price. While the semi-automatic or automatic coffee-making machines are a little more on budget, they bring to you the best authenticity in your coffee.

Usually, choosing trustworthy coffee machine suppliers makes your work easier. They suggest you the best-suited machine as per your favorite type of coffee and your budget.

Coffee’s Cost

Again the price of coffee beans or ground coffee will widely depend upon the coffee used. Like for manual or automatic coffee machines, coffee beans or ground coffee is used. It all depends upon the type, the quality, and the product used in your machine.

You can spend less to more upon your taste. Like, you can buy ordinary coffee beans costing $10/kilogram but I prefer the best quality coffee beans costing around $55/kilogram as I love the perfect barista type.

After that, you can add the cost of your milk, and you will realize the amount of the cost breakup. The amount invested in a coffee machine is less as compared to that spent in a cafe.

Nature Friendly or Not?

When you visit a cafe for drooling over your favorite coffee, then are you harming nature or you are not? Are our coffee machines protecting nature?

Unless you use a BYO cup in cafes, you usually get takeaway coffee cups that contribute to a lot of waste every time. Even if it’s disposable or not, it does harm the environment.

Besides, if you use a coffee-making machine, then you are more likely to use reusable coffee cups or mugs; that protect the environment. The grounds left for disposal can be used in compost pits.

The answer is simple: you protect nature while using a coffee-making machine. Moreover, if amongst several coffee making machines you choose the correct one; then even the automatic ones won’t consume much power.

Convenient or Not?

Making coffee at home requires a lot of effort whether you use a machine or not. When you do not use a machine you have to spend a lot of time and effort making the perfect coffee. Besides, the work significantly reduces while using a coffee machine. However, cleaning and maintenance require effort.

But going to a cafe requires time, effort, and money, to get authentic coffee. But, it becomes convenient in coffee making machines as you can prepare coffee anytime at your home in the machine, and cleaning is required even for handmade coffee.

Customize Your Coffee

When you visit a cafe, you cannot customize your coffee or experiment using several beans. Some do provide the opportunity yet those cafes are too costly.

Besides, when you use a coffee making machine you can use any coffee that you want. Be it grounded or coffee beans, even special coffee is available to be used I’m coffee making machines. But, it depends on you whether to use them or not!

So, in the type of coffee, you get a wider choice of personalizing your coffee in coffee making machines.


The taste of handmade coffee is not that exceptional. So, you would prefer to visit cafes, however, as mentioned earlier those are expensive.

Coffee-making machines provide you with authentic coffee. Even, look for the perfect supplier from a range of coffee making suppliers as they will suggest you the best machine. It will help you in getting the most delicious coffee at your home every day.

The Final Verdict

Coffee Making Machines are much better than handmade coffee and occasional visits to coffee. So, if you want to wake up every day to the tastiest coffee prepared conveniently then nothing can be better than coffee-making machines.

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