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How to Wrap Meat for Freezing Right and Easiest Way

how to wrap meat for freezing


It’s crucial to wrap your meat when storing it in a freezer or a refrigerator. Wrapping of the meat needs to be done on all types of meat, including pork, chicken, and beef. Most people prefer to wrap their meat with aluminium foil or sealable plastic bags.

The guide will help you to learn how you wrap your meat easily. Wrapping the meat will not be enough to keep the meat fresh. It’s recommended for the meat to be kept in a freezer. The article also highlights the best small refrigerators and bottom-freezer that you can use to store your wrapped meat.

Which Materials Can be Used to Wrap Meat?

Factors that one needs to consider when choosing the correct wrapping item include.

When choosing a material to wrap the meat, make sure that it moisture and a vapor barrier. When packaging the meat, make sure that you remove the bones. Bones may take a large space and also add air spaces where oxidation can occur. The most common materials for packing the meat before putting it in a freezer include.

The packaging will help maintain the meat’s good quality, maintain its flavor and colour. Wrapping will help remove all the air from the meat and ensure that it’s not exposed to the environment. The meat gets to stay fresh for long periods.

The bags are mainly used to wrap meat sold in the foodservice market. After the packaging, the bag is shrunk by dipping it into hot water. It’s common to see sausages packed using them.

Aluminium foil is ideal for wrapping uneven pieces of meat. Always ensure that after covering the meat, you write the date on the pack. Writing will help you know the appropriate storage time. Also, you might not remember the date you packed the meat after five months.

Freezer paper is a perfect choice for wrapping your meat. Wrapping meat with freezer paper ensures that your meat remains fresh and lasts longer. The meat can remain fresh by locking out all the air and moisture. Freezer papers help to maintain the color of the meat and protects the flavor of the meat.

How to Wrap Meat Easily

Wrapping the meat will help the meat to stay for an extended period. It’s therefore essential for one to choose the suitable method.  The most common method used is a paper wrap. The technique helps to store the meat for more extended periods.

You can easily find the plastic wrap, and the good thing is that it’s relatively low. The following is the procedure of how to wrap meat.

Which are Some of the Best Freezers that You Can Use?

After wrapping the meat, you must put it in the freezer for it not to get stale. Small refrigerator and bottom-freezer refrigerators can be of great help. For large scales, you would have to hire the services of a freeze-drying company like Empire Freezing & Drying.

Small refrigerators are ideal for storing your wrapped meat. They work best for people who have limited kitchen space. Some of the best small refrigerators that you should consider purchasing include.

Bottom size refrigerators are also ideal for storing your wrapped meat. They are quite affordable and have great features. Some of the best bottom size refrigerators include.

How to Protect the Meat From a Freezer-Burn?

A freezer burn is an ice layer on the food surface that results from moisture loss in the freezer. It results in the discolouring of the meat and changes the quality of food. The problem mainly arises where the meat is not securely wrapped in airtight packaging.

You can do the following to prevent your meat from getting freezer burns.


Wrapping your meat is crucial as it helps to keep your meat fresh for longer periods. The act is mainly used in most butcheries, and with time people are adopting the norm. Most people prefer to buy meat in bulk. What is the best place to keep the wrapped meat? Small refrigerators and a bottom freezer will help you to solve that problem. It’s, therefore, essential to ensure that you choose a freezer that works efficiently and affordable.

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