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How to Wash Shoes in Dishwasher? Tips and Guide

how to wash shoes in dishwasherIt may seem stressful to wash your favorite pair of footwear or shoes on a tight deadline. Many people avoid cleaning shoes because they find shoe cleaning to be stressful. Most folks aren’t sure if they can wash their shoes in a dishwasher in such a circumstance.

Although it is technically feasible, washing shoes in the dishwasher is not advised. However, there are some conditions that you must fulfill. Shoes must be able to be cleaned in the dishwasher and dried without heat.

However, there are several risks and restrictions associated with washing shoes in a dishwasher, which we will review in this article. You may learn how to wash shoes in the dishwasher in this post.

Guidelines When Cleaning Shoes in the Dishwasher




How to Wash Shoes in Dishwasher

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Steps to Wash Shoes in Dishwasher

Cleaning shoes in a dishwasher might not be a smart idea for many people. But the method has been successfully used over and over again. The instructions for using a dishwasher to wash a shoe are provided below:

The first step would be to clean out any dirt within the shoe. Several unwanted items frequently remain caught in the shoes. First, dust the sneakers or shoes to eliminate any loose dirt and debris. To get rid of filth, scrub the upper and sole of the shoes gently and repeatedly. After that, flip them over and clean the soles of any remaining mud.

You should take off the insoles once you’ve done the initial cleaning. They may both be cleaned independently, but not with the same shoe. Additionally, it is preferable to take the shoelaces off because they might tangle inside the dishwasher. If the shoes have inner soles and detachable shoe laces, take them off and set them aside for hand cleaning.

As long as they fit on the top rack, you are allowed to wash 1-3 pairs of shoes at once in the dishwasher. Place the shoes on the highest rack after flipping them upside down. Spray the inner and upper of the shoes with a white vinegar solution to eliminate any unpleasant shoe odors before putting them in the dishwasher.

Choose “No heat” or the minimum heat setting on the dishwasher. After that, fill the dishwasher with moderate dishwashing detergent. Run a cleaning cycle while the dishwasher door is closed.

Rinse the shoelaces and insoles while the dishwasher is on the cleaning cycle. You might need to soak the inside soles and laces of the shoes first before washing them, depending on how soiled or stinky they are.

Warm water, 5–10 cc of dishwashing soap, and a tablespoon of baking soda or a quarter cup of white vinegar can be added to a small laundry pail to pre-soak the items. Stir slowly to combine the solution completely. Shoelaces and inside soles should be completely submerged in water and let soak for 30 to 60 minutes.

After removing them from the water, scrub them to get rid of any lingering dirt or stubborn stains. Rinse them in a bucket of fresh water or under running water.

Take the shoes from the washer when the washing cycle is finished, and let any remaining water drain. Paper towels should be folded and placed inside the shoes, and they speed up the drying process by absorbing more moisture from within the shoes. Additionally, they support the shoes’ structural integrity. Instead of using paper towels, some advise packing the shoes with newspapers. However, this usually leaves ink stains.

Position the shoelaces, inner soles, and footwear on a drying rack and place them in a cool, dry, and well-ventilated area away from heat and sunshine. Give the shoes ample time to dry completely to stop the formation of mold and fungus.

After removing the shoes, properly clean the dishwasher, empty the filter, and disinfect it. To reach the drain line easily, pull off the bottom rack. Check it for any collected dirt and debris, and take care to get rid of it.

Vinegar should be put in a dishwasher-safe bowl, which should be put on the top rack. Run the wash cycle on the hottest setting while the dishwasher is shutting off. Run a second wash cycle on the highest setting after liberally dusting all the racks with baking soda.

Summing Up!

A double-drawer dishwasher is an excellent option for making shoe washing simple. It’s the greatest option for those who find it difficult to use their hands. But there are a lot of things to keep in mind when washing shoes. The primary objective should be to wash the shoes safely without causing damage.

Also, choosing to use a dishwasher rather than a washing machine might be wise. We hope this article has given you a better knowledge of how to wash shoes in dishwasher.

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