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How to Use Wood Pellets on a Gas Grill?

how to use wood pellets on a gas grill


Smoking meat to improve its flavor and shelf life is a phenomenon that dates centuries ago. Wood pellets offer an excellent medium for producing both smoke and flavor due to their high density and little moisture. Once lit, the pellets smolder easily letting puffs of smoky flavor seep through the meat. If you want to enhance the palatability of meat but you don’t know how to use wood pellets despite having the Best Gas Grill, here is everything you need to know to make it an exceptional experience.

What are wood pellets?

If you want to know how to use wood pellets on a gas grill, it is crucial to know what wood pellets are to make the right choices when buying. The pellets are made from dried hardwood that has been ground into sawdust. The dust is then compressed at high temperature to release wood lignin that acts as the binding agent. They are highly preferred for their high efficiency and minimal ash production.

Wood pellets can be used on gas grills as well as other cooking appliances to achieve the same results on your meats. Not every type of wood can be used to make pellets as some woods do not have the potential to add flavors. Furthermore, some woods produce gum and glues that could be harmful to your health.

The best type of wood pellets for use on a gas grill

Smoking and grilling using wood pellets have a considerable impact on the flavor of the meat. However, when it comes to how to use wood pellets on a gas grill, not all wood pellets can be suitable for smoking even with the Best Pellet Grill.

Food grade pellets are considered the best since they don’t have chemical additives and harmful glues. Even before you know how to use wood pellets on a gas grill, knowing the best pellets to use is imperative to improving the flavor and taste of your meat. Some of the food-grade hardwood pellets you can use include the following.

How to use wood pellets on a gas grill

Are you worried about how to use wood pellets on a gas grill? The steps involved are easy and do not require you to moisten the pellets as in wood chips. Generally, a cup of wood pellets can smolder for about one and a half hours therefore a third of the cup can do if you are not smoking a large quantity of meat. You can use any of the above wood pellets depending on the desired flavor.

Steps involved in using wood pellets on a gas grill

Type of meat and the best wood pellets to use

Although you may have understood how to use wood pellets on a gas grill, you may not be sure which wood pellets to use for a particular type of meat. Generally, apart from apple cider wood pellets, most other hardwood pellets can be used to smoke beef. Some people prefer blending wood pellets to achieve the desired flavors.

Use all other wood pellets when smoking chicken apart from maple and oak. However, if you are smoking fish, pellets made using mesquite, oak, or alder are the best. For those worried about how to use wood pellets on a gas grill for smoking veggies, you can use maple, pecan, or hickory for the best results. Fish obtains an excellent flavor with most other wood pellets apart from oak and mesquite.

Bottom line

Understanding how to use wood pellets on a gas grill is not as hard as most people presume. However, if you follow the above discussion, you can make a mouth-watering delicacy by giving your meat great flavors from one of the food-grade hardwood pellets available in the market. If you are preparing for a special occasion with your family and friends, this article will help you serve statement-making meat that will be remembered for years.


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