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How to Steam Broccoli in a Microwave at Your Home?

how to steam broccoli in a microwave

Steamed broccoli is perfect for a light dinner or a side dish to accompany almost any type of dish. However, not everyone has a steamer and, therefore, it is necessary to look for other simpler and faster techniques to obtain the same results. An ideal option is to cook the vegetables in the microwave since it allows us to get little dirt and gives us the freedom to take advantage of the cooking time to carry out other tasks. But how to steam broccoli in a microwave? Below is a complete guide.

How to Steam Broccoli in a Microwave?

One of the best ways to prepare vegetables to take advantage of their nutrients and obtain a pleasant texture is to steam, we can also save time and make less mess in the kitchen if we use a silicone container for steam cooking in the microwave. Today, we tell you how we cook the broccoli in the convection microwave oven, in about five minutes it is ready to eat or to complete the recipe. Here we present you a complete guide.

How to Steam Broccoli in a Microwave – Step-by-Step Guide:




We explain our system to steam broccoli in the countertop convection microwave, surely many of you already do it like that, but for many people, cooking in the microwave is an unknown world. And the truth is that although making this vegetable is very simple, yes you have no idea of ​​cook time and power, it is easy to end up overcooked and inedible. It is always better to stay short of time, as this allows rectification.

Why Use Microwave to Steam Broccoli?

Years ago, many of us would not have thought of cooking in the smallest microwave oven for different reasons (due to ignorance, because it was considered dangerous, etc.). But today it is, for many, a lifesaver, because returning to the theme of vegetables, makes it easy for us to have them at their cooking point in less than five minutes, making the most of their nutrients, offering a texture that does not make mush in the mouth and, also, making it easier to control added fats.

Today, we want to show you how to steam broccoli in a microwave. Because, it is a very comfortable, clean system that gives very good results. In addition, it is much faster than doing it on the fire, because you do not have to wait for the water to heat up. it will generate steam, nor the time it takes to cook.

Some Important Things to Note

It is important that, when steaming broccoli, both in the microwave and with the traditional method, all the flowers and other stuff are of a similar size so that the cooking is homogeneous. So, once the broccoli is clean and chopped, it is placed in a silicone container for microwave cooking. Then it can be seasoned to taste, but it can also be cooked without any additions or only with a pinch of salt, then the recipe is finished as appropriate, perhaps simply with a sauce or sautéed in the pan or in the wok with some prawns.

However, time and power are very important, although exact time and data cannot be given because each microwave varies, and it will also vary according to the number of vegetables to be cooked. But, we hope that it will serve as a guide to tell you that when we cook, we put broccoli between 3 and 4 minutes at 800 W, and when we make two pieces of broccoli, as in this case, we program between 5 and 6 minutes at 800 W.

It is very important not to overtime, you will see that it turns black, loses color, texture – So do the test the first time with broccoli only, and set the minimum time, to see how your microwave responds, and also to see which is the doneness that you like the most.

With the times that we have commented to you, we enjoy some smooth and slightly crunchy flowers, they are simply rich with a sauce or with a good extra virgin olive oil, and if we sauté them with a little garlic, that’s delicious!


Today, the tastes have changed, nutritional knowledge has advanced and there is greater availability of utensils that make our work in the kitchen easier, for that reason, among the changes or the evolution that we comment on, above we have mentioned a complete guide on how to steam broccoli in a microwave.

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