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How to Put Dishwasher Detergent to Wash Your Dishes

how to put dishwasher detergentDishwashers have completely changed how we perform our chores in the kitchen. Unlike the past when you had to spend a lot of time each day standing at the kitchen sink washing utensils, dishwashers have made this process simple and stress-free. All you need to do is toss your dirty dishes in the dishwasher and it will do the rest for you. Besides making your work easy in the kitchen, the dishwashers also help to enhance your safety. There are many reported cases of people who have been seriously injured while washing dishes. When you use a dishwasher, then your safety is guaranteed. But in order to get the best results from your dishwasher, you need to ensure that it is loaded with the right  dishwasher detergent. In this article, we will give you a step by step process on how to put dishwasher detergent to wash your dishes.

What is a dishwasher detergent?

As the name suggests, a dishwasher detergent is a cleaning agent that is formulated for washing utensils in a dishwasher. It is very important to note that dishwasher detergents are not the same as dishwashing liquid. Unlike the dishwashing liquid that is designed to remove dirt from the dishes with thick foam of suds, a dishwasher detergent utilizes enzymes to clean dishes. So, it is very important not to use dishwashing liquid on your dishwasher machine because it will not deliver the results you are looking for. In fact, it may end up damaging your dishwashing machine. The suds produced by the dishwasher liquid will overflow from the dishwasher to the floor. So make sure that you only use detergents that are specially designed for the dishwasher.

What are dishwasher detergents important?

Dishwasher detergents are important because they help to clean grime, dirt and food remains from your dishes. This means that if you don’t use a dishwasher detergent when cleaning your dishes in the dishwasher, then your dishes will not be sparking cleaning as you would wish. More so, you will be forced to run more cycles, which means more power consumption and reduced effectiveness of your dishwasher. So, if you want your dishes cleaned quickly and effectively, then you should always use a dishwasher detergent.

Steps on how to put dishwasher detergent to wash your dishes

Knowing how to put dishwasher detergent in your dishwasher will not only save you valuable time but will also ensure that your dishes are cleaned effectively. Fortunately, putting dishwasher detergent in the dishwasher is a very simple process that will take only a few minutes to complete. Below are simple steps on how to put dishwasher detergent in your countertop dishwasher.

Step 1: Measure the correct amount of detergent

The first step is to measure the correct amount of dishwasher detergent that will be used to clean your dishes. This is a very important step that most people usually overlook. If you put more than the recommended dishwashing detergent, then you will have to run more cycles when cleaning your dishes, which means more power consumption. On the other hand, if you put less than the recommended amount of detergent, then your dishes may not be cleaned to perfection as you would like. For optimal results, ensure that you use the right amount of dishwasher detergent by following the instructions given on the dishwasher detergent container. If you are not good at measuring dishwasher detergent, then you can buy dishwashing detergents that have already been measured and are ready to use. Also, make sure you use the right dishwasher detergent that is recommended by the dishwasher manufacturer.

Step 2: put the dishwasher detergent in the dispenser

Once you have measured the correct amount of dishwashing detergent, the next step is to put it inside the dispenser. The dispenser is located inside the dishwasher door. Before you put the detergent on the cup, wipe it thoroughly with a dry towel to remove residues and any form of wetness. Most dishwashers have two cups, the main cup, and a pre-wash cup. The majority of washes only use the main cup. However, if you have extremely dirty dishes, then you should also fill the pre-wash cup to give your dishwasher the extra power it needs to clean those very dirty dishes.

Step 3: Shut the dispenser lid

Once you have poured the dishwasher detergent on the cup in the dispenser, shut it firmly to ensure that contaminants don’t find their way into the detergent thus compromising its effectiveness.

Step 4: Load the dishwasher

Toss all your dirty dishes in the dishwasher, choose the right settings for the cleaning cycle then press the start button to begin the cleaning process.

That’s it, once you press the start button, the cleaning cycle will begin and you will be notified once the machine is done cleaning. Putting dishwasher detergent in a dishwasher machine for cleaning your dishes is a very simple process. However, to get the best results, ensure that you use the right cleaning detergent in the correct amount.

Why is rinsing aid important in a dishwasher?

Rinsing aid is important in a dishwasher because it helps to enhance the drying process of your dishes. It also helps to protect your glasses from etching. Almost all modern dishwasher machines have a dedicated slot for rinsing aid because they help you get flawless results from the machine. Rinsing aids contain a substance known as surfactants which help to lower water’s surface tension. As a result, water does not form droplets that hold on to the surface of the dishes, leaving behind unsightly spots. Instead, water will roll off from your dishes, leaving them sparkling clean and dry.

Final Thoughts

Putting a dishwasher detergent on your dishwasher to clean your dishes is not difficult as many people think. It is a simple and straightforward process that will take you a few minutes to complete. However, if you want your dishes sparkling clean, you need to use the right detergent that is recommended for your dishwasher. Don’t forget to add a cleaning aid to the dispenser to ensure that your dishes come out from the machine while clean and dry.

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