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How to Keep Bread From Getting Moldy?

how to keep bread from getting moldy


Regardless of how many preservatives are incorporated in the bread, it will eventually become moldy and decompose. The situation is further compounded by the manner in which the bread is stored. Moldy bread is not one that you may want to eat as it may pose some bacterial infections to your body.

Thus, it is imperative that you put in place measures that are aimed at upholding the longevity of the bread. We are here to help you with this. Our discussions here below center on how to keep bread from getting moldy. In it, we shall highlight and belabor the major steps you may take to bring the matter to fruition.

How to Keep Bread From Getting Moldy?

Below are some of the tried and tested ways and means of keeping your bread from getting moldy:

Start it out by determining the kind of bread you are dealing with. Different kinds of bread stale at different rates. For instance, the French bread gets stale in a matter of hours alone. Those with added fat like the brioche and the challah tend to have a longer shelf life. Knowing the kind of bread you are dealing with lets you know the exact strategy of how to keep bread from getting moldy.

Plastic and Aluminum foils tend to lock in the moisture contents and preserve the freshness of the bread for a duration that is somewhat longer. Consider hence wrapping your bread in Aluminum foils or plastic packaging. This method does make the crust harden. You may hence have to employ the toaster or best small bread maker to revert the quality of the crust back.

A breadbox may also come in handy for your usage. The breadbox is a special piece of apparatus that holds the bread firmly in place and at the same time also prevents the infiltration of moisture. It does this by balancing the humidity alongside the circulation of the air. That works hard to retain the moisture contents and the softness of the bread.

Though not really recommended, you may also attempt to freeze the bread if you have run out of other viable options. If you choose this route, do not leave the bread in the fridge for durations longer than 3 days. The bread may absorb too much moisture and crumble or get stale a bit too sooner. Most importantly, do not place the bread in the deep freezer section of the refrigerator.

At any given time, you should always place the bread in a cool, dry, and dark place. The darkness prevents the mold from growing or proliferating whereas the dryness forestalls the possibility of the bread sucking up moisture and crumbling. The coolness of the environment on the other hand lets the existing moisture levels remain there intact for too long.

The reusable bags are a great container to use to hold your bread. They are impervious to any kinds of moisture or vapor and hence won’t allow any to infiltrate the interior of the container. That way, they preserve the moisture contents of the bread while at the same time preventing any forms of possible moisture damages that may arise when the same is in store.

When you choose the reusable bread bags avenue, you have to seal the same tightly and place the same in an airtight container. The airtight nature of the containers prevents the moisture contents from evaporating while at the same time preventing exterior moisture from infiltrating the container. Yet again, you have to place this container in a cool, dry, and dark location.


Our long and in-depth peek into how to keep bread from getting moldy comes to an end there. We now trust that you have the insight you need to tackle this exercise pretty well. Do not waste any time insofar as implementing these provisions is concerned. A piece of stale or smelly bread is not something you may want to tackle or deal with at all.

The exact choice of preservation method you pick depends on the type of bread, the precise longevity of time you would wish that the bread stays fresh, and of course your resource endowment. We urge you also to consider passing this information to the others who might need it!

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