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How to Install a Whole-House Water Filter on a Well?

how to install a whole-house water filter on a well

Are you getting your water from a well? Many homeowners use well water in their houses for daily use. If you are among these homeowners, you might want to know how to install a whole-house water filter system on a well. One of the things that you have to know is that you must get some earth minerals and impurities in your water if you are getting it straight from the well. These impurities are dangerous and may cause some unwanted diseases in the house. This is why installing a filter on your well can be of great help.

Learn How to Install a Whole-House Water Filter on a Well?

Even before you begin the process of installation of the filter system on your well, you must note the following:

The type of filtration system matters

Even before you buy a water filtration system, you need to know the one that you buy will influence how you install the whole-house filter on a well. Getting the best is ideal for optimum production of pure water. Here are some key pointers that will help you get the best water filtration system:


Since you want to get one that will be installed on the whole house, you should get a sizeable water filtration system. For example, you cannot afford to have a countertop water filter to serve the whole house if you are drawing water from a well. This can be ideal for drinking water that you use in the kitchen and not serving the whole house.

Check Installation Requirements

Another preliminary step that you must take when intending to know how to install a whole-house water filter on a well is the list of technical requirements of the filtration system. You need to know that various types have different installation requirements that you must be particular about if you want to get it right.

The Process of Installing a Whole-House Water Filter on a Well

After you have identified a good water filter for your house, you can go ahead and follow these steps:

Step 1: Identify a place to install

The first of the many steps to installing a whole-house water filter on a well is identifying where you will install the filter. A Majority of water filters must be housed. So you can decide whether you are going to have it inside your house or shelter it outside.

Step 2: Drain the system

The next step is to cut off the water supply from the well. Release the pressure and drain all the water in the system for you to start the process. To do this, you should simply open the faucet that releases pressure to drain water from the system.

Step 3: Cut the pipe

The third step is to cut the pipe from which the water from the well runs. Remember, you will be doing this after you have already identified a place where you will put the water filter. Therefore, you need to be precise about where you are cutting the pipe. Use a pipe cutter to get the best cutting results. You should also ensure that there is enough clearance from the ground since you will be changing the cartridge periodically.

Step 4: Attach the fittings

From the drinking water filtration system that you have, you should find a compression nut. Use it to attach the fittings to the pipe. Again, this is a process that requires keenness since you don’t want leakages after the work is completed.

Step 5: Position the filter

You are nearly there! Now, ensure that you position the filter correctly. Since the water is running from the well into the house, you should ensure that the water enters through the port marked “in” and exits through the port marked “out”. This will ensure that the water getting in is filtered before it leaves the filter to get into the house.

While positioning the filter, use your hands to tighten the compression nuts so that it stands upright and straight.

Step 6: Turn on the water

After you have positioned the water filter, you should turn on the water from the well for it to start the filtration process. Before you turn the filter on, you should allow water to get into the filter to check for any leakages. If there are no leakages, turn it into the “filter” position.

The tank will be filled with water ready for filtration.

How Long Does it Take to Install a Whole-House Water Filter on a Well?

This question doesn’t have a definite answer because it depends on who is doing the installation. If you hire an experienced, the whole process should take an average of three hours. If you have learned the installation process and you are confident, you can do it yourself. It should take you more than five hours if you are doing it for the first time and with no help.

Benefits of Installing a Whole-House Water Filter on a Well

There are many benefits that you get from installing a whole house well water filter system. Here are some of the top benefits:

Final Thoughts

Learning how to install a whole-house water filter on a well is great because it gives you unmatched benefits. It is not a complex process and anyone can do it. Always ensure that you go through the process keenly following the manufacturer’s instructions to get the best from this process.

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