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How to Distill Your Own Water at Home

how to distill your own water


Water distillers are devices used to remove impurities in water. Distilling the water assures us that the water is safe for consumption. It entails a heating process that turns water into steam. As the water evaporates into vapour, it eliminates all the toxins and contaminations. The vapour becomes liquid, thus leaving you with pure water. Purifying your water prevents you from getting diseases such as typhoid, diarrhoea, and cholera. Most of the water distillers will require you to add water to the chambers.

The guide will help you know how you can distil your water at your home. You get to learn some of the best water distillers, including Megahome water distiller and countertop water distiller and why you should take distilled water.

How to Make Your Own Distilled Water for Use at Home?

You can easily make your own distilled water at the comfort of your home. The main components required for you to distill your water includes.

Steps of How to Distill Your Own Water at Home

It would be best to use a sterile container to store your distilled water. Also, ensure that you don’t keep the distilled water in direct sunlight. Ensure that you thoroughly close the bottle every time after using the distilled water, thus making sure that the water remains pure. Certain germs may grow even in the distilled water when the bottle is kept open.

Best Water Distiller to Use at Home

You can also choose to distill water by using the water distillers. The best and most popular water distillers available in the market today include

Megahome Water Distiller

The water distiller is approved as it meets the safety standards. It has a filter that ensures that all the immunities are eliminated. Impurities removed include chlorine, calcium, bad tastes, and the odour of the water. If you want clean water, then this is the water distiller that you might be looking for.

The mega home water distiller has activated charcoals which help to remove the toxins and any contamination. The removal is achieved by condensing the water hence making it purer. The distiller usually auto-switch after the cycling is completed.

Megahome water distiller is made of stainless steel. The feature enables water not to come into contact with plastic when boiling, thus avoiding leaching. You are recommended to change the activated charcoal after sixty days if you often have hard water.

Some of the best mega home water distillers include.

Countertop Water Distillers

Countertops distillers are ideal for use at your home and even when travelling. Countertop water distillers help to get rid of water impurity. Most countertop water distillers are easy to use, and the installation process is not complex.

Some of the best countertop water distillers include.

Why Should You Distill Your Water?

Distilled water is different from other waters since it goes through a process to ensure the water is safe. The process involves boiling the water resulting in the production of steam. The steam then condenses to a liquid state hence getting the distilled water. The reasons as to why you should take distilled water include


You can easily make your own distilled water at the comfort of your home. It entails an easy follow the process. The good thing is that distilling your own water is relatively cheap. However, you can also opt to use a water distiller. Distilling your water will help eliminate excess minerals in the water. Thus, you get to drink pure and safe water. Clean water is vital for health; therefore, it’s essential to drink distilled water.

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