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How to Clean Kitchen Exhaust Fan Like a Professional

how to clean kitchen exhaust fan

Remember that kitchen exhaust fans are used to remove grease that is produced by smoke and steam from cooking food.

With the use of the kitchen, the grease produces dirt that accumulates in the filter located at the bottom of the hood, this causes the fan that extracts the steam to decrease in its extraction work, making the function it performs in the extraction very inefficient and as a result the grease and dirt adheres to all internal and external parts of the hood.

Why Should You be Clear kitchen Exhaust Fan?

You should be aware that allowing too much time to pass between cleaning the kitchen exhaust fans means that you will have a clogged grease filter and an imminent risk of fire hazard with serious consequences, as you should be aware that gas is present in the kitchen.

Fortunately, the process of cleaning the cook exhaust fan can be done quickly and efficiently using materials that you would normally have at home, making it easy to perform this beneficial task.

How to Clean Kitchen Exhaust Fan Like a Professional?

Materials Needed


Remove the Grease Filter From the Kitchen Exhaust Fans

The first action to be taken is to switch off the hood and unplug the kitchen exhaust fans.

The precaution to be taken when starting to clean the kitchen exhaust fans is that you will be working in proximity to electricity, so you must minimize the risk of a power surge by unplugging the unit completely.

The next step is to check where the filter of the kitchen exhaust fans is located, it is a rectangle shaped piece with a frame and a metal mesh, it is usually located at the bottom of the hood, if you do not find it the best thing to do is to consult the user manual of the kitchen exhaust fans, in that guide it is indicated with details and graphics where the filter is located inside the hood.

Once you have located it, remove it by unhooking the levers that hold it, it does not require a great effort to remove it, it may be stuck by the grease that accumulates in it, this can be solved by using a thin knife and passing it between the edges of the hood and the filter frame to remove the grease.

Preparing the Solution for Cleaning the Filter

Continuing with the instructions on how to clean kitchen exhaust fan

Cleaning of the Cook Exhaust Fan Filter

The combination of baking soda, lemon and dishwashing soap creates a very efficient solution to remove grease, and is non-toxic.

Bring the water to a boil, this action accelerates the removal of grease, the solution penetrates all parts of the filter, when the water reaches boiling point remove the container from the heat.

Leave a cup of the grease cleaning solution in the extractor hood and on the fan blades of the extractor hood.

After 20 to 40 minutes, scrub the entire surface of the filter with a brush, constantly wetting it with the solution. If the filter has not been cleaned for a long time, extend the soaking time to at least one hour.

With the cleaning sponge, rub the filter again to remove any remaining grease residue, do not rub excessively to avoid damaging the filter mesh.

The next step is to rinse the filter with plenty of hot water.

Dry the entire area of the kitchen exhaust fan until it no longer feels damp, it is best not to use rags for drying, it is more beneficial to let it air dry.

With the sponge dampened in the reserved solution, clean the area around the kitchen exhaust fan.

Do the same with the fan blades, and with the entire surface of the hood, its internal parts and the external surface.

Reassembling the Filter of the Cook Exhaust Fans

With the dry cloth, be sure to wipe the entire filter area and the outside of the hood to make sure there is no moisture present. Once the filter is completely dry, insert it correctly into place, securing it in place with the filter holder mechanism.

reconnect the cable to the power supply and switch on the fan to check that it is working.


The more the kitchen is used, the more often you clean the hood filter, the more it will always be operational, the better your kitchen will look and the longer the life of this unit will last.

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