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How to Clean Delta Kitchen Faucet Head?

how to clean delta kitchen faucet head


If the flow rate of water from your delta kitchen faucet head has declined, this could mean that it is clogged with dirt and needs cleaning. Cleaning the faucet head regularly is important to remove the dirt that impedes water flow and also eliminates any microbial contaminants that could be cumulating within the faucet head. If you are wondering about how to clean delta kitchen faucet head, here is all you need to know to do it to perfection.

Why is it important to clean the delta kitchen faucet head regularly?

With time, any kitchen faucet including the Gold Kitchen Faucet accumulates dirt that could reduce the flow of water or pose health risks. Tap water contains calcium used in water treatment. The calcium accumulates on the surfaces of parts of the kitchen faucet head especially the aerator and the valves. Furthermore, bacteria and other microorganisms from the atmosphere may find their way into the faucet head. As such, it is important to know how to clean delta kitchen faucet to ensure a faster flow rate and quality of water is guaranteed. Cleaning delta kitchen faucets involves some steps as described below.

How to clean delta kitchen faucet head

If the head of your delta kitchen faucet is the cause of reduced water flow rate or you have not cleaned for quite some time, the first thing you have to do is to check the condition of the interior of the faucet head.

Most delta faucet heads come with a cached aerator. That means that you cannot use a wrench to remove it for cleaning. Nevertheless, there is a special key specifically made for removing delta aerators. If you observe the faucet head closely, you will realize that the aerator has notches around its circumference. The cylindrical plastic tool within the spout couples with the notches making it easier to remove the aerator even by hand.

Remove the aerator by twisting it in an anticlockwise direction and place on a clean surface. Ensure you note the position of the gaskets so you don’t misplace them.

Turn over the aerator inside the faucet head. This is the fine mesh that creates turbulence hence adding air to the water. On this screen, dirt and every sort of thing including grease gets trapped over time. You can remove the debris stuck on the aerator using a toothbrush and splashing it with water. However, for the best job done, you can use vinegar.

Cleaning the faucet head using vinegar

When it comes to how to clean delta kitchen faucet head, the steps are the same since the design is also the same. The only difference between delta faucets and others is that you cannot use a wrench to unscrew the aerator. This is because most of them are the cached type.

The faucet head opens easily by hand but it is easier using the special key that comes with delta faucets for this purpose. You place the key in the slot and turning counterclockwise, the aerator should loosen easily.

After removing it, dip in dilute vinegar. You should mix vinegar and water in equal proportions for the best performance. You should allow the aerator to remain dipped in vinegar for 24 hours.

If you have a Touch Kitchen Faucet, removing the aerator might be a bit tricky. In this case, you pull out the head spray and clamp it to prevent it from retracting back into position. Fill a plastic bag with vinegar and dip the faucet head and tie up ensuring the head is completely submerged in the diluted vinegar. Allow it to hold for 24 hours before removal.

After removal from the vinegar solution, rinse the faucet aerator and other components thoroughly.

Cleaning the faucet head using coca-cola

Are you worried about how to clean delta kitchen faucet head without vinegar and still get good results? You can just take two cans of coca-cola for the job. This soda contains phosphoric acid which helps clean the surfaces of the parts of the faucet head. Fill a plastic bag with coca-cola and dip your kitchen faucet head for 24 hours.

How does vinegar help clean the faucet head

You might be wondering how vinegar works in how to clean delta kitchen faucet. Vinegar contains acetic acid. It is a popularly known all-natural cleaning agent. The acetic acid and other volatile compounds act as a disinfectant hence get rid of bacteria and other microbial contaminants. Furthermore, it corrodes grease stuck on the faucet screen in addition to its fragrance.

Bottom line

How to clean delta kitchen faucet head has never been easy, especially if you have never used one before. However, the steps are easy, and with the regular check-up and cleaning, you can maintain your delta kitchen faucet for a long time. Vinegar offers one of the best cleaning agents for these appliances today. You can also use coca-cola if you don’t have vinegar. As a rule of thumb, always remember that cleanliness is very important for your health and wellbeing.

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