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How to Clean Carpet Cleaner Brushes At Home Yourself?

how to clean carpet cleaner brushes


Carpet cleaner brush plays a crucial role in removing dirt, dust, debris, hair, and grime from carpets, thus ensuring that they maintain their great glowing look. Best vacuum cleaner brushes are made of soft bristles that clean the carpets thoroughly without damaging their delicate fabric. But just like other components in the carpet cleaner, vacuum brush also needs to be cleaned regularly to operate efficiently. Unfortunately, most people don’t think it is necessary to clean a carpet cleaning brush. In this article, we are going to give you step by step tips on how to clean carpet cleaner brushes.

Why regular cleaning of carpet cleaner brushes are necessary?

Regular cleaning of vacuum cleaner brushes helps to keep it in great shape all the time. Just like any other part of the carpet cleaner, dirt, dust, pet’s hair, and grime can get stuck on the brush, thus hampering its normal functioning. Washing it regularly will help remove all dirt, dust, bacteria, and debris that have stuck in the brush bristle. This is important because it ensures that the brush cleans smoothly and efficiently, leaving your carpet sparkling clean.

Regular cleaning of the brush also helps to prolong its lifespan. Research has shown that vacuum cleaning brushes that are cleaned regularly last longer than those that are not washed at all. So, if you want your carpet cleaner brush to serve you for long, you need to wash it regularly. Cleaning helps to prevent the bristle from weakening.

Last but not least, cleaning the brush helps to make your carpet cleaning much easier. A clean brush will clean faster and more efficiently than a brush that is full of dirt, dust, and grime. So, if you want to clean your carpet thoroughly but fast, then ensure that the brush is washed regularly.

How often should you clean a carpet cleaner brush?

It depends on how often you use your carpet cleaner. However, experts recommend that you should clean it at least once per month to remove all dirt, debris, hair, and bacteria that have stuck in between the synthetic bristles.

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Step by step tips on how to clean a carpet cleaner brush

Step 1: Detach the brush from the carpet cleaner

It is not easy to clean the brush while it is still attached to the vacuum cleaner. So, the first thing that you need to do is detach the brush from the vacuum cleaner. Don’t worry because the process is simple and straightforward. Most vacuum carpet cleaners require users to twist and pull off the hose extension. Others may need you to press a button to detach the brush.

Step 2: Wash the brush

How to clean vacuum brush when you have detached the brush from the vacuum cleaner? The next step is cleaning the brush to remove all dirt, grime, bacteria, and debris that have stuck on the bristle. Pour warm water in the bucket then add mild detergent on the warm water. This will help loosen any debris, dirt, and grime that have stubbornly cling to the bristles. If this is your first time cleaning your vacuum brush, then you will be surprised by the amount of dirt that will come off. Ensure that you submerge the entire brush in warm water to ensure that all sections of the brush are cleaned off. Gently scrubs the brush bristles using another handheld brush to remove stubborn dirt that has accumulated in the brush bristle.

Once you are done, use a damp cloth to clean any dirt, dust, and grime that is inside the compartment that houses the vacuum brush.

Step 3: wipe the brush with diluted vinegar

Wiping the brush with diluted vinegar will help get rid of bacteria that have hidden in the brush bristles. Some bacteria can survive even after clean the brush with soap and warm water. Using diluted vinegar will ensure that all bacteria present are killed. Vinegar contains acetic acid, which is widely used because of its powerful mycobactericidal properties. Mix the vinegar with water to prevent damaging the brush bristle. Also, try as much as possible to avoid prolonged contact of vinegar solution with any rubber parts as it may weaken it over time.

Step 4: Leave the brush to dry

Once you are done cleaning, leave the brush to dry before you reattach it to the vacuum cleaner. This is a very crucial step that you should not skip. Please place it in the open air and allow it to dry naturally. It will take about 2-3 hours to fully dry when placed in the open where there is a free flow of air. Once you are satisfied that the brush has dried completely, reattach to the vacuum, ready for use again.


Cleaning carpet cleaner brush is crucial for the proper functioning of the carpet vacuum cleaner. Even the Best portable carpet cleaner needs to be cleaned regularly to remove all dirt, dust, bacteria, debris that have stuck in the brush bristle. Cleaning a vacuum cleaner brush is simple. You only need to follow a few simple instructions given above.

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