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How to Choose a Gas Range for Your Kitchen? Factors to Consider

choose a gas range for your kitchenThere are hundreds of gas ranges in the market today. However, only the best gas range heats up quickly, is easy to clean, and is highly responsive to temperature modifications. Today, you can learn how to choose a gas range for your kitchen.

You can choose between an electric or gas range or even get one with both. More importantly, how you choose a gas range for your kitchen determines how your investment pays off. Here, it is critical to make the right decision.

For instance, you may think buying a dual-fuel gas range is economical, only to find out it occupies more space and uses the same amount of energy. So first, what are some of the features to look out for in a gas range?

Features to Consider When Buying a Gas Range

1. Capacity

The capacity of your gas range is the size of your oven in cubic feet. If you have a gas range double oven, your capacity will range between 4.8to 6.2 cubic feet. If you enjoy baking for large groups of people, then you should get a gas range with a larger capacity.

The capacity of your gas range oven will depend on the size of the range. A 20-inches wide range will definitely have a smaller oven capacity than a 60-inch wide gas range.

2. Self-Cleaning

A gas range can quickly accumulate odors, grime, and oil stains. There are many techniques to clean each one out, but those take a lot of time. Therefore, choosing a gas range for your kitchen will determine how much time you spend maintaining your appliance.

Self-cleaning gas ranges have a mechanism to remove stains, grime, and odors for you. It is a simple setting on the control panel.

Usually, the gas range with an oven will use high temperatures to turn any debris in the oven into ash.

3. Slide-in or Freestanding

A freestanding gas range can go anywhere in your kitchen. And although it is not as stylish, it sells for a lower price.

On the other hand, you can go for a slide-in gas range. This model sits flush with your countertops, most likely has front controls, and is very stylish. However, it has a lower capacity than a freestanding gas range of the same size.

4. Heat Output

For gas ranges, a higher BTU does not necessarily mean that it is more efficient cooking. So, rather than considering the gas range with the highest BTU, you should consider getting the one that satisfies your kitchen needs.

Also, if you have different needs for your kitchen, there are gas ranges in the market with varying BTU. So, one of the stoves could give you a low BTU for slow cooking applications, while another stove delivers a high BTU for fast cooking.

5. Controls

The control settings on a gas range can be intimidating, even to the most seasoned kitchen staff. If it is your first time getting a gas range, you may feel shaken by the complicated controls.

However, you do not have to buy anything you do not like. The best gas ranges come with a series of controls. For your everyday cooking, you might only need a few control buttons. When using your gas range double oven, you need additional controls to set the time and temperature.

It is still okay if the gas range you are eyeing for your kitchen has these essential functions.

6. Removable Griddle

Only the high quality gas ranges come with features like a removable grill. With this type of gas range, you do not need to get additional appliances for your kitchen to make pancakes, bacon, or even sandwiches.

If you have limited kitchen space, then buying a gas range with a griddle will be a great space saver.

7. Storage Cabinets

Some gas ranges come with additional storage cabinets for your pots and pans. This feature is attractive for people looking to get the gas range but has limited space in their kitchen.

8. Reversible Burner Grates

Sometimes, you may want to cook for a larger group than usual. Therefore, you take out your large cooking pots, but the grates are not promising in terms of even heat distribution. The best gas ranges include reversible burner grates that you can turn over to expose a dip to counter this problem.

9. Compatibility

If you run a smart home, it only makes sense to get a gas range that has Wi-Fi compatibility. Some models from LG, Samsung, SKS, and GE come with the advanced tech that allows you to monitor the cooking cycle time of your oven.

This feature allows you to turn your gas range double oven on and off remotely.

How to Prepare Your Kitchen for a Gas Range

  1. The first step in getting a gas range is to make your kitchen ready to receive the new addition. You should create the space and then find a gas range that fits your space.
  2. Decide whether to go pro, high-end, or standard. While pro gas ranges have 3-4 output burners, they occupy larger spaces than a high-end, slide-in gas range. Besides, the household gas range will likely have better controls and clocks for timing.
  3. Finally, install the proper ventilation systems before bringing in the gas range.

Bottom Line

You can find a gas range that suits your needs, regardless of your kitchen’s size. There are more than 5 different sizes of gas ranges with different features. However, when you plan on how to choose a gas range for your home, consider the essential factors to include. These are the size, style, and heat output of the burners.

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