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How Long Does it Take to Cook French Fries in Air Fryer?

how long to cook french fries in air fryer


Different countries may use various terms to refer to French fries. The United Kingdom uses the term chips, while in French, they are usually referred to as frities. It’s a favorite dish for both kids and adults. The dish originated from Belgium; the potatoes were being fried in the late 1600 s.

Are you looking for a fast and healthy diet? French fries will be an ideal choice. The guide will help you learn how long it takes to cook French fries and some of the most frequently asked questions about cooking French fries.

How Long Does it Take to Cook French Fries in an Air Fryer?

After a long day at work which is the fastest and easiest meal to cook? French fries can be a good option. It only takes 15 – 17 minutes for the French fries to be ready. However, the take taken mostly depends on the type of air fryers that you are cooking.

For regular frozen French fries, it will take you fifteen minutes. The temperature required is 400 degrees. You will also be required to shake and toss the French fries to ensure that the French fries cook evenly, thus turning out perfectly.

Crinkle nuts, steak fries, and waffle cuts- These types of French fries take around 17 minutes. The temperature required is 400 degrees. Also, ensure that you toss and shake the French fries to get a good delicacy, and the French fries cook evenly.

Well, if you don’t know how to cook French fries, you don’t need to worry.  The ingredient required includes.

The Following is a Step to Step Process of How to Cook French Fries in an Air Fryer

Best Tips When Making French Fries

Frequently Asked Questions of How to Cook French Fries

Why do I need to soak French fries before cooking?

You wouldn’t like your French fries to be soft and crumby. Soaking will help to eliminate the starch making the delicacy crispy. Crispy French fries are a favorite of many people. Soaking them for more extended periods will give you the best results.

Which is the best way to cook the French fries?

The ultimate way to cook your French fries is by using an air fryer. You can use a dash air fryer for cooking the French fries. Dash air fryers are versatile, quick, and are very easy to use. They automatically switch off; hence all you are required is to set a time limit. They also have a capacity of 2 quarts, therefore, enabling you to cook large quantities of French fries. Cooking French fries using an air fryer ensures that the French fries get crispy.

Other best air fryers that you should consider using include Philips air fryer and cosori air fryer.

Which are the best potatoes for making French fries?

When cooking French fries, consider using Russet potatoes. These types of potatoes are dense; thus, they don’t contain a lot of water. Russet potatoes make crispy French fries.

How can I season the French fries?

Seasoning helps to add more flavor to the delicacy. You may opt to season your French fries by


Everyone loves French fries.  It’s an ideal meal which is delicious and healthy. Buying from the restaurant can be pretty expensive, hence resulting in people looking for alternative ways. With an air fryer, you get to make them whenever you need them. Once you cook the French fries with an air fryer, you will never have to look for alternative cooking methods. Air fryers are easy to use and are very fast.

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