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How Long Does Chicken Salad Last?

how long does chicken salad last


This question only comes to mind at particular conditions whether there is chicken salad left from last night’s dinner and now you are wondering how to utilize it or how long the chicken salad last?  Well, we have all answers for you. Stay tuned.

How Long Does Chicken Salad Last in a Refrigerator?

The chicken salad usually lasts for three to five days and the condition implied is that it should be in the refrigerator preferably in some sealed container. Only, these conditions can save your yummy chicken salad for days. But, the quality of the ingredients used in the chicken salad also matters a lot in retaining the freshness of the salad.

Therefore, keeping your chicken salad for days doesn’t only require it to be in a tightly sealed container but also, placed in the refrigerator. One thing is for sure the use of good and quality ingredients matters most.

Talking about ingredients, dressing matters a lot in retaining the freshness of any salad.

For example, if your chicken salad is mayo-based, it will do ok and taste alright in the saving period but if the chicken salad has some other dressing such as oil or vinegar the taste, freshness and quality of the salad will not be that fresh.

We can say that the quality of salad will deteriorate over the period of time and will not taste as fresh as it was right after incorporating all ingredients together.  Another problem encountered by salad lovers is that the high moisture levels in salads make the vegetables wilt after some time and eventually these veggies lose their crunch and feels soggy and tasteless such as pasta salad or tuna salad.

Even if the chicken salad contains any of these dressing or high moisture level it will not lasts more than two days. Contrary to that if your salad contains only dry ingredients it is likely to last much longer than expected. Here is a tip, if you want to enjoy fresh salad then try to finish your saved salad within two or three days of making it.

How Long Does a Chicken Salad Last Without a Refrigerator?

If you have made your favorite chicken salad and you are going out on a picnic or outdoor tour for a while. You are likely to think how long does it’s going to last? Let me answer that:

Like all other foods, the salad also requires a cool place for storage. If you have made chicken salad and it has been two hours since you made it. Then it is highly advised not to eat it after two hours since it’s been sitting out.

If the day is hot, then it is advised to finish it within an hour of making. Still, if you want to eat only chicken salad on your day out then you should bring the salad in a tight container or carry a portable fridge in order to keep your salad safe and fresh. Do not consume leftovers and discard them if the food is not properly refrigerated.

Ways to Store Your Chicken Salad

Now, we are going to talk about some healthy ways in which you can store your salad for a good period of time. Keep in mind and try to act upon the following tips before storing the chicken salad.

It is highly advised to keep your chicken salad within the refrigerator. Try to keep your salad sealed in a container preferably air tight container. If your salad is not homemade and store-bought then first transfer it into an airtight jar or container and then refrigerate it.

If your salad is full of veggies or green stuff then try to store the salad in a big container. Avoid stuffing it into a small container. Try to give maximum container space to the salad. This will help the veggies to retain their freshness and veggies will not wilt quickly.

Whenever you consume your store salad, try to use a clean tool to serve. This will help to minimize microbial contamination and the salad will remain fresh. Try not to double dip, this also causes contamination within the food. If it develops a bad smell or weird appearance, discard it immediately.

Can I Freeze My Chicken Salad?

Some other common questions are about the freezing of a chicken salad. The answer is: you can freeze anything you want but freezing chicken salad does not seem to be a good idea. The quality will also detain and the taste will be soggy and sour. Freeze chicken salad is obviously safe to eat but will not taste good for sure. Salads are meant to eat fresh aren’t they?

Following are some sideways that are likely to happen if you freeze your chicken salad:

This is the case with fruits and vegetables but if your salad contains ingredients like grains and chicken then the freezing may work well. Here is a trick, you can cook vegetables and grains for your salad and freeze them. Defrost whenever you are in a mood for a salad, add fresh veggies and fruits and viola enjoy.


Chicken salad can be stored but one must take care of certain things before keeping it in the storage place. You can freeze the this salad if you want but after defrost, be ready for wilted veggies and watery salad. However, chicken salad easily lasts up to four days if stored in the right condition at the right place.

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