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How Big of an Air Fryer Do I Need for Home Use?

how big of an air fryer do I need

“After making the final decision to buy an air fryer to avoid an oily diet from your routine the next step is to find a solution to how big of an Air Fryer do I need!”

Air fryers are in demand these days since more people are becoming more conscious of their healthy diet. They work based on cooking or frying the food using hot air generated inside these appliances much like that of an Oven cooking process. The best part of hot air frying is that you do not need to use much oil to gain the same deliciousness and texture of the food as a deep fry.

How Big of an Air Fryer Do I need?

More than thinking about a brand like a farberware air fryer, or dash air fryer the size of such an appliance depends on the size of its air fryer basket. The way the basket has been designed also affects the food that fits inside it like a rounded design use less space as compared to others.

Today air fryers of different capacities are available in the market. They are ranging from the appliances designed for the need of only one or two people to the larger ones that suit parties or big families.

2 Main Types of Air Fryers in Terms of Size

Mostly there are two categories of air fryer for home use;

Large Size – Fryers whose capacity ranges between 5qt and 10qt come in the category of biggest air fryer. These are great appliances to be in our homes to cook food for the complete family or friends in one go. No doubt, you need to provide some space for these pretty bulkier machines from your kitchen spaces. Due to much space, you can find dividers provided on the baskets of some of these models. It will allow you to cook different types of food without any chance of their mix with each other.

Small Size – These come with small fryer baskets of capacity between 1.5qt to 2.5qt. You can go with this option if you do not need a fryer for the whole big family. It is made for a small family or to prepare food for one to four people. The best part of these machines is that they will not consume much space in your kitchen area. They can be cleaned easily. Similarly, due to their portable size, you can carry these fryers with you on a trip or picnic as well. There are even mini or compact air fryers made for only 1-2 people use.

What Would be the Best Capacity of Air Fryer to Use in the Home?

You can get better crispiness on each piece of the food when there will be enough space between them while cooking inside the fryer basket. So it would a wise decision to choose a medium-sized air fryer i.e. the one having a capacity of more than 3qt.

A higher capacity or larger-sized air fryer can consume more electricity or wattage per hour as compared to a smaller appliance. Are you among those who do care about every single entity that contributes to your electricity bill? If yes then, you can check the power consumption metrics of an appliance. It is mentioned by the makers before finalizing to buy anyone.

But, a big-sized air fryer can be a great alternative to your kitchen ovens especially if they get damaged or not working when you need them. So in such emergencies, you can take much help from the best air fryer available in your home to meet your purpose.

Similarly, you will soon be started hating using the small-sized air fryer for a big family or even sometimes cook above its limits in batches. A large air fryer of 1500 watts or higher will sure produce more heat while in action and contribute much to heating your kitchen environment.

Larger air fryers generally have more features and cooking options that might be of more use as per your cooking needs. So you can’t even overlook to check the list of such air fryers as well that are available in your budget range.

Remember there is no universal size or standard that different companies use in their products in terms of the air fryers. The medium size of one brand can be large size of some other brand. So you only need to focus on their tray capacity to get the product to be a part of your kitchen cabinets or countertops.


A too-large air fryer than the food you cook might over-crisp or burn them. On the other hand, a too-small appliance than needed can leave some part of your food un-crisped and soggy.

If you do not want to worry about future needs or long time use, then you can buy an air fryer by focusing on your current requirements. You can better think about the upgrade later whenever needed.

Overall, you do not need to confuse much about what size should be the best buy. Also, it is not a sensible decision to buy the largest size available in the market as per your budget.

So, the best way is to first consider your requirements like budget and number of people for which a fryer will be used. After deciding on a particular size you can search on online or offline marketplaces for good quality or feature-rich air fryer.

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