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Expert Tips for Cleaning Skirting Boards to Maintain Their Pristine Appearance

expert tips for cleaning skirting boards


The different processes of cleaning your skirting boards may surprise you. The space can look lighter and cleaner in a matter of seconds. Either they are forgotten about, or people think cleaning skirting boards will take time and effort. Your skirting boards might not require cleaning every week, but if you’re not cautious, they can get rather dusty and unclean over time. Having light-colored skirting boards with scuffs and scratches doesn’t look good. Here are some tools and methods to try if you need some TLC.

Using Warm Water and Soap

Cleaning a skirting block in this manner is customary and effective. Scrubbing may remove any accumulated dirt, grime, and scuff marks, leaving your skirting boards gleaming and brand-new. Make sure to squeeze out the sponge or cleaning cloth so that it is only slightly damp and not drenched to protect your skirting boards. Your skirting boards will be thoroughly cleaned of filth and leave them smelling wonderful if you use fabric softener rather than soap.

Vacuum the Area

You could discover that some of the dust you remove from your skirting board settles on your carpets or floors. Now is the time to start vacuuming. First, clean the skirting boards edges and remove any fallen debris. Using this little-known skirting board cleaning tip, you can ensure that the surfaces seem as good as new. Your vacuum cleaner might be ideal for this particular task if it has an adaptor with bristles. If not, there’s no need to worry. You may always use a thin adapter in its place. However, be cautious when using it to avoid scratching the skirting board.

Sprays & Bleach

It’s tempting to use bleach and potent sprays on stubborn stains or filth to make your woodwork seem better. Unfortunately, they may damage your paintwork in addition to having a strong odor and being unappealing. It is advised against using such potent detergents for general cleaning, but they work well on harder stains that warm, soapy water can’t seem to lift. To ensure no harm to the boards or that the paint doesn’t start to warp or wipe away, perform a small patch test on your skirting boards with your chosen detergent.

Baseboard Mop

A baseboard mop might be helpful if, like many others, you loathe the idea of having to scrub skirting boards on the floor. This specialized skirting board cleaning tool is a terrific method to reach awkward angles and avoid needing numerous cleaning tools while standing.

Cleaning Hacks for Super Dirty Skirting Boards

Magic erasers: Your boards should look brand-new after using these washable magic sponges to remove them.

Vinegar: Use vinegar to clean extremely unclean skirting boards.

Cotton buds: Are great for gathering more dirt than you would imagine because they can easily fit into beautiful folds and nooks.

Paintbrushes: like a cotton bud, a tiny paintbrush can remove dust from hard-to-reach areas. Run a little sweeping brush along the top of the skirting block to remove dust.

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