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Everything to Know About Baking Cookies

everything to know about baking cookiesDo you love cookies? Have you ever wondered how to bake cookies and which ingredients to use? Do you have bake sales, birthday parties, Halloween, or holidays around the corner? You don’t have to worry about where you will get desserts since you can choose from many cookie recipes. Easy cookie recipes with few ingredients are economical as it saves you time and money.

Tips for making better cookies

Cookies may differ in shape, size, or flavor. Make the best cookies by using the correct technique, ingredients, and tools.

  1. Look for a cookie recipe that you trust and follow the instructions carefully. You can be creative and add a personal spin if you are confident you have mastered the recipe.
  2. Always use unsalted nuts and butter, pure almond and vanilla extract, and large-size eggs unless the instruction says otherwise.
  3. Measure your ingredients accurately.
  4. Lightly spoon all-purpose flour and put it in a measuring cup. Use a knife to level the flour in the measuring cup.
  5. If you are not baking with cookie sheets or non-stick pans, use parchment paper which is easy to clean and is non-sticky.
  6. To prevent cookies from spreading into each other, leave some space between each cookie.
  7. To achieve the desired cookie texture, adjust the baking cookies time. Crispy cookies are baked for a long time, while chewy cookies for a short time.
  8. Before decorating the cookies, ensure it has cooled completely.

Make cookie dough

When making the cookie dough, you should consider:

1. Ingredient temperature

Before mixing the dough, ensure all your ingredients are at room temperature. It will enable all the ingredients to mix evenly. Allow the dough to chill for 30 minutes. It helps the dough to maintain its shape while baking. For a clear and sharp edge of a cut-out and rolled cookie, refrigerate the dough before baking.

2. Mixing

Different cookie recipes have various instructions for mixing the dough. If the recipe requires a creaming stage, the sugar and fat are thoroughly mixed until it is fluffy and light-colored. The fat is cut into the flour if the recipe requires a sandy texture. Avoid over-mixing your dough as this incorporates too much air, which leads to flat cookies.

Cookie ingredients

Pastry or all-purpose flour is a requirement in most cookie recipes. If you use cake flour or bread flour, your cookies will fail to spread out as expected when baked.

1. Flour

The spread and flavor of a cookie are dependent on the fats used. Crispy and flat cookies are due to the too much fat used in the recipe. Cake-like and puffier cookies are due to less fat in the recipe. You can either use margarine, butter or shortening when baking cookies.

2. Fats

You should consider the amount and type of sugar used for baking.

3. Sugars

Eggs help to hold ingredients together. To make the cookie cake-like and dry, use egg white. To make the cookie have a crisp texture, use the egg yolk.


Use the correct technique, ingredients, and tools to bake scrumptious homemade cookies. You should consider the tips above if you want to bake better cookies. Ingredient temperature and mixing are essential when making cookie dough. The primary cookie ingredients include eggs, flour, sugar, and fats.

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