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Can Smart Home Security Systems Improve Your Home’s Valuation?

smart home security systems


Are you interested in selling your house? We have good news for you. If you have a smart home, you can sell your house at a much higher price than the traditional houses in your neighborhood.

According to the reports of The Association of Realtors, the price of smart security houses has increased 8% in 2021, and they will even increase 5.5% more in 2022.

Even if you don’t have a smart home and are thinking about buying one or not, we think you should. Smart home automation indeed improves your property value, meaning investing in one will enhance your financial edge over your competitors in the future.

The High Demand Of Home Automation

As a realtor, I won’t give you the exact price of how much your property valuation can increase if you incorporate smart technologies in it. But, I can give you an average estimation, which will compel you to buy such homes. Especially if you’re considering renting your property, UK property investment company RWinvest has seen a rise in demand for properties with smart technology and eco-friendly features.

Home security systems from Smith Thompson increases your property valuation from 5%-35%. It can also make your life easier and save money, all the while keeping your home and loved ones safe from outside threats.

So, don’t you think a home that will give you all these opportunities won’t land some extra cash in your pocket when you sell it? Of course, it will. On top of that, if your house has the best smart security systems from brands like Smart Thompson, it is bound to increase your home valuation even more.

Smart Home Security Benefits

You may have a brief idea that a smart home security system can alert you if intruders are trying to break into your house? But, doesn’t a CCTV camera do the same job? No, it doesn’t. A smart home security system has more benefits than a CCTV camera that improves your home valuation.

Let’s check them out!

1: Increased Safety And Convenience

A CCTV camera simply monitors a specific area so that you can see who is coming to your house or who is even standing on your front porch when you are not at home. But, a smart security system does more than that.

A smart security system includes a camera or video doorbell that recognizes people on sight and motion and sensory indicators. That means, even when you are asleep, you’ll know if someone is trying to break into your property because this system will alert you through motion detectors and sensors on time.

2: Improves Energy Efficiency

A green and energy-efficient home is currently at the top of the list of many property buyers. The reports of the Realtor Survey 2021 indicate that people are interested in spending more money on an eco-friendly home for the future, even if they have to spend a few extra bucks on it right now.

A smart security system works with multiple network nodes and IoT systems to save a comprehensive amount of data. Despite that, the technology does not waste much electricity, saving more energy on the devices and improving the planet’s health.

3: They Are Cost-Effective

A smart security system may cost more than a mere CCTV camera? But, the product is value-for-money because you don’t have to break your bank to incorporate it into your home. Besides being cost-effective, a smart security system also looks aesthetically pleasing in your home and is user-friendly.

However, if you want your smart security system to increase your home’s valuation, you must demonstrate its advantages to potential buyers when they visit your house. It will entice buyers more and more and will improve your home’s resale value more than you can imagine.

Which Smart Home Features Will Improve My Home’s Valuation?

Apart from a smart security system, there are plenty of smart technologies that can improve your home’s valuation. However, if the sole purpose of buying a smart home is to increase its property valuation, we think you should incorporate many other technologies that will improve the overall valuation of your property, such as:

  1. Smart Lighting: Smart lighting increases your property valuation not only because it lowers your electricity bill but also because it increases the shelf-life of your lights. You can even customize the light to any intensity suiting your mood and ambiance, and it is even easier to use.
  2. Smart Faucet: We use the kitchen sinks an ample number of times a day. When we use a smart and touchless kitchen faucet, it makes cooking much less of a hassle. You don’t need to touch the sink, which makes it safer for you to use without the risk of coming in contact with germs.
  3. Smart Audio System: A smart audio system is the best equipment for your entertainment that you can get your hands on in the 21st century. Not only does it give you more streaming choice, but you can also turn on any song you want with a flicker of your voice command in no time.
  4. Smart Door Locks: Like smart security systems, a smart door lock increases your home’s safety and convenience. It can keep track of who comes and goes out of your house by sending you real-time notifications on your mobile. You can also lock the door automatically from your home even if you are outside your house.
  5. Smart Refrigerator: We have another smart kitchen equipment on the list: a smart refrigerator. This technology keeps a detailed track of your grocery list and informs you if you need to buy extra bread or mayonnaise if you forget. It also keeps track of products’ expiry dates to help you use them safely.

Putting It All Together

Just like a smart security system can improve your home’s valuation, the other automated technologies we’ve mentioned here can also enhance your property value.

This is because all these technologies have one thing in common: how they can improve your lifestyle and make it more convenient and safe.

That’s why a smart security system and other smart automation techs can increase your property’s resale valu

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