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Can I Put a Farmhouse Sink in Existing Cabinets?

can I put a farmhouse sink in existing cabinets

Farmhouse sinks boast a distinct apron-front design and are a choice of many millennial homeowners for an aesthetic kitchen. If you have started thinking about your kitchen, one thing that might have surprised you is the sheer number of kitchen sink options available.

Modern kitchens are designed around the sink area as it is both an aesthetic and functional focal point, giving the kitchen its own unique feel and look. Farmhouse sinks are popular among all kind of users. Unlike other kitchen sinks, farmhouse sinks are actually exposed and set out from the edge of the cabinetry, providing an interesting visual. The workstation sink is another best option for modern kitchens. The Workstation sink takes your kitchen to a new level of usefulness by including built-in attachments that fit on tracks built into the sink.

If you have always wanted to install a farmhouse sink in your existing cabinet, you can do so with little work. These sinks have typically deeper, larger basins and come in handy for clean-up and meal-prep.

While you can always take the help of a professional to install the farm sink, it can be a little costly. You can do it by yourself. It shouldn’t be much of a problem if you follow the process correctly.

Below is a step-by-step guide to how to put a farmhouse sink in existing cabinets. Let’s jump right into it.

#1 Start with dismantling the kitchen countertop and the old sink

First, you need to take out the old sink. It can get a little tricky so, you should first remove the countertop. This will allow you to see the plumbing and connections of the old sink. Since countertops are big in size, you may have to cut them into pieces to safely remove them.

Make sure that you have all the necessary tools with you at the time of dismantling. Ask someone from your family to stay with you all the time until the process is done. They can help you with handing tools and other necessary equipment.

You may have to install a new countertop because the old one may not fit the new farm sink. This means that you will have to choose a quality countertop for your refurbished kitchen. While dismantling the countertop, ensure that the plumbing isn’t affected.

#2 Cut the supporting frames

Measure the farm sink and cut the supporting frames. Since farmhouse sinks are quite large and heavy as compared to your regular kitchen sinks, the frame needs to be sturdy and strong enough to hold the entire sink.

Your cabinet is also going to require some modification so that it can securely and aesthetically hold your new sink. Wooden bars are best to provide support to the cabinet. Cut the bars according to the desired size and put them in the right position. Attach some wood braces to allow the bars to provide the right amount of support.

#3 Work on the cabinet front

To install the farmhouse sink, you need to notch out the cabinet front. Refer to the templates and user guide that come with the farm sink to get the right measurement of the cabinet’s front size that needs to be cut or adjusted.

The templates will give you the exact measurements required to fit the farmhouse sink. Get a quality jigsaw to smoothen the edges of the cabinet once the sink is fit.

#4 Test the fitting

See if the sink is fitted correctly. There should be no gap between the sink and the frame. If there, adjust it accordingly. Once the sink is perfectly secured, connect the plumbing before you place the countertop.

You can use new pipes and accessories for the plumbing if the old one has worn out. Secure the connection with a PVC sealant to prevent any leaks. Let it cure for some time before you test the connection.

#5 Place the countertop

You can use the same old countertop if you haven’t destroyed it during the removal process or get a new countertop that fits the new farm sink design. Secure it tightly in place. Always go with a countertop that cannot be damaged by water and other elements in the kitchen.

While it can be a little overwhelming, installing a farm sink to an existing cabinet is a fun job. It is a delicate job but can be done without professional expertise.

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