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13 Stunning Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas | Fire Up Your Blank Space

kitchen wall decor ideas


The kitchen is that space of your home that brings food. Usually, it is full of kitchen essentials and no
decor at all. Even if you could not find any space in your kitchen for décor then also you can at least
think of the kitchen walls. People often keep it bland with just a coat of paint. How amazing it would be
if you would be able to decorate the kitchen walls? This would make your kitchen look beautiful. A
beautiful kitchen would always make your home look the best. Some kitchen wall décor ideas would do
the trick for you.

Kitchen walls are always exposed to heat and oil that ruins the look of the wall. If you want to maintain
the quality of your kitchen wall then you should get proper ventilation. An electric chimney would
always be helpful in this case. Some experiments and some unique selection would embrace the look of
your kitchen. Here are some of the best kitchen wall decor ideas that you should check out:

Eat-art combination:

How about décor pieces for your kitchen that say eat? Eating seems so relevant to the kitchen and
having a wall décor that says eat would be great. Here you can either get wooden plates or a wooden
huge spatula. Write E-A-T separately to hang it on your kitchen wall. This is one of the best wall décor
ideas for your kitchen.

A recipe card would be amazing:

We know about the cooking skills of yours and would you like to tell your visitors about the best dish
that you prepare? This would be great to have a recipe card wall décor for your kitchen. Here you would
have to get a frame for your and some white papers. You can write the recipes on white paper and hang
it on the wall.

Menu card:

What is today’s menu? You get this question a lot right while cooking? Well, now you can use this as wall
décor for your kitchen. Have a frame in the kitchen that would hold the menu card. You can change the
card daily as per the menu of your kitchen.

Kitchen garden:

Your customized garden can now be in your kitchen. How about having a hanging garden for your
kitchen? This seems to be among the best kitchen wall décor ideas. Here you have to get herbs or
plants in small pots and then you can arrange that after you set a rack on the kitchen wall.

Productive basket:

A basket hanging on the kitchen wall would be the best thing for your kitchen. Even if you cannot really
consider it among the best kitchen wall décor ideas but some flowers here then it would do the job. You
can also keep other essential things in the basket.

Food picture gallery:

We know about the connection of food with the kitchen so how about getting some food pictures for
your kitchen? Here you can attach the food pictures that you prepared in the kitchen. This would keep
you motivated for your cooking sessions and at the same time; it would keep your cooking memories

Small bar hanging:

A fancy kitchen would always be a priority for most people. The fancy kitchen would be possible if you
would try to keep things bold. This is among the best kitchen wall décor ideas. Here you have to attach
some wooden shelves with a hook. You can keep your alcohol bottles on the rack and hang the glasses
on the hook.

Wall snack court:

A snack court in your kitchen is possible now. This would not take any of your kitchen space and it would
make your kitchen look unique. This would give your kitchen a very exciting touch. This has to be one of
the best kitchen wall décor ideas. Here you can just attach a glass shelf so that you can keep all the
snacks that’s it.

Spice rack:

How about making the basics fancy in the kitchen? We need a rack for keeping the spices so here we can
combine the wall décor and essentials together. Here you have to set a spice rack on the wall of the
kitchen and there you can keep the spice containers.

Beautiful curtain hanging:

There are so many different wall décor ideas for the kitchen but going with the minimal one would be a
good idea. If you cannot arrange any of the décors that is mentioned here then you can use beautiful
curtains. Just hang it on the walls and your kitchen would look good and it would be protected as well.

Antique clock:

Often we forget about time while working in the kitchen but if you would have a clock in your kitchen
then things would be better. It would be great if you would choose an antique clock for your kitchen.
This has to be one of the best kitchen wall décor ideas to try out.

Food benefit chart:

Are you having small kids in your home that need to understand about good food? Then this would be
one of the best wall décor ideas to go for. Here you would list up some healthy food and then you can
write about the nutritional value of those food items.

Luxurious collection on display:

If you have got some luxurious collection for your kitchen then nothing would be as fancy as displaying
those items would be. You can set a glass shelf to make things look good and you just have to display
those luxurious items. This would make your kitchen look expensive for sure.

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